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Iris Arndt - PhD Student

Scholarship: SPTG Main-Campus-doctus

Research Topic

Reconstructing environmental influences on the calcification of giant clams with geochemical proxies at daily resolution

AG Geology and Palaeoenvironmental Research

FIERCE – Frankfurt Isotope and Element Research Center

Cooperation Partner: Prof. Jonathan Erez from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


 Since 08/2019     PhD Student in Geoscience
Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany
 06/2019     Master Thesis:
Mineralogical variability of glacial-interglacial fluvial discharge
into the tropical Atlantic off Brazil (PDF - ask for pw)
 10/2016 – 07/2019     Master of Science in Geoscience
Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany
 08/2016     Bachelor Thesis:
Relationship between sediment facies and stable isotopes within
a lacustrine sequence of mid Miocene age in SE Kazakhstan
(PDF - ask for pw)
 10/2013 - 09/2016     Bachelor of Science in Geoscience
Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany
 10/2011 - 09/2013     Undergraduate Physics studies
TU-Kaiserslautern and Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany
 06/2011     Abitur (A-level-equivalent) Bettinaschule, Frankfurt / Germany

Employment at the Goethe University

2014 - 2018     Teaching assistant, BSc. course ’Geomaterials’
2016     Teaching assistant, BSc. course ’Computer applications in Geosciences’
2016     Laboratory assistant in the research group Sedimentary Geology
2015     Teaching assistant during field trip in the Alps