Inference problems: algorithms and lower bounds

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Virtual Workshop

Topic: Inference problems play a pivotal role in modern computer science, mathematics and statistics.The guiding question in these problems is to determine the minimum number of queries that enable the inference a latent ground truth, either information-theoretically or algorithmically. Prominent recent success stories include the stochastic block model, compressed sensing, group testing and low-density parity check codes. The techniques employed to tackle these  problems originate in information theory, statistical physics, probability theory as well as combinatorics.

Objective: The goal of this online workshop is to bring together leading researchers from the various disciplines
involved in order to discuss recent advances, new techniques and future challenges.
The one-week online workshop receives funding from the German Research Foundation
and will be hosted at the Goethe University Frankfurt

Further information

General information:

The workshop will take place online and participation is free of charge.


Please contact Mrs Fellinghauer via E-mail (fellingh[at] until 08/26/2020.

The Zoom-Login will be provided via E-Mail after registration.

Further information about the workshop will be published soon.

Invited Speaker:
Emmanuel Abbe (EPFL)
Matthew Aldridge (University of Leeds)
Afonso Bandeira (ETH Zurich)
Jean Barbier (ICTP)
Christopher Brzuska (Aalto University)
Nader Bshouty (Technion)
Clement Canonne (IBM Research)
Holger Dell (ITU Copenhagen)
Charilaos Efthymiou (University of Warwick)
Ahmed El Alaoui (Stanford University)
Andreas Galanis (Oxford)
Michael Gastpar (EPFL)
Karen Gundersson (University of Manitoba)
Zongming Ma (University of Pennsylvania)
Arya Mazumdar (University of Massachusetts)
Matija Pasch (LMU Munich)
Tatjana Pavlenko (Royal Institute of Technology KTH)
Dan Vilenchik (Ben Gurion)
Pascal Vontobel (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Practical Information

The workshop will take place on Zoom. The link will be provided as soon as possible

Due to privacy regulations we are not allowed to record the talks, but we will provide the slides of each speaker as soon as they are available.

The Time Table will be posted here.

Details about the Invited Speaker can be found here.

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Organizers and Funding

The workshop is organized by Amin Coja-Oghlan, Oliver Gebhard, Max Hahn-Klimroth and Philipp Loick.

This upcoming workshop is supported by DFGCO4643.