Lecture series im Wintersemester 2021/2022

Digital technologies are altering existing economic activities and creating new ones with implications for diverse geographies of economy. This lecture series unpacks some of the core operations of such “digital economies” from the coordination of platforms to the flows of data, together with considering the degree to which such technologies alter everyday geographies of, for example, consumption, work and mobility. Rather than considering digital technologies and their economies as either uniquely transformative or distinct from other aspects of socio-economic life, the speakers in this lecture series each carefully interrogate the ways economic activities take on different “digital” dimensions and with what consequences.

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Digital economies

03. November 2021
David BISSELL (University of Melbourne): Changing sensations in digital platform economies

17. November 2021
Anne HELMOND (University of Amsterdam): Platformisation: tracing partnerships and data flows in the digital economy

08. Dezember 2021
John STEHLIN (University of North Carolina, Greensboro): Mobility platforms and transportation futures in the digital city

26. Januar 2022
Julia CORWIN (LSE): Analog labour in a digital world: the value of repair work in India’s used electronics economy

09. Februar 2022
Daniel COCKAYNE (University of Waterloo): Entrepreneurship and the digital economy in San Francisco