Plasmid and Strains

Plasmids and strains for use in C. elegans Optogenetics:

all exisiting in various expression plasmids for C. elegans, with different fluorescent proteins, and using different promoters (details available upon request). Several tools are also available from Addgene

  • ChR2 WT: wild-type Channelrhodopsin
  • ChR2(H134R): "stabilized"; "g.o.f." ChR2
  • ChR2(H134R, T159C): improved conductance and expression
  • ChR2(C128S): "slow" ChR2 (aka as "step-function opsin")
  • C1V1-ET/ET: red-shifted action spectrum
  • ChR2(L132C): Ca2+ transporting ChR (aka as "CatCh")
  • Quint: Quintuple mutant, longest open state life time of any ChR reported

Halorhodopsin and other Hyperpolarizers:

  • NpHR: Halorhodopsin from Natronomonas pharaonis
  • Mac: Proton pump from Leptosphaeria maculans
  • Arch: archaerhodopsin-3, proton pump from Halorubrum sodomense
  • Anion Channelrhodopsins ACR1, ACR2, ZipACR

Photoactivated adenyly and guanylyl cyclases (PACs, PGCs)

  • PAC from Euglena gracilis
  • bPAC from Beggioatoa sp.
  • CyclOp Guanylyl Cyclase opsin from Blastocladiella emersonii

Photosensitive Degron (PSD)

Photoactivated Botulinum Neurotoxin (paBoNT)

Vectors for single-cell expression using intersecting promoters

  • cre recombinase
  • loxP-STOP-LacZ-loxP::ChR2-SL2-GFP operon
  • FLP recombinase
  • FRT-mCherry-STOP-FRT::ChR2::YFP

Integrated transgenes

  • zxIs3[punc-47::ChR2(H134R)::YFP; lin-15+]I: GABAergic neurons
  • zxIs5[punc-17::ChR2(H134R)::YFP; lin-15+]X: cholinergic neurons
  • zxIs6[punc-17::ChR2(H134R)::YFP; lin-15+]V: cholinergic neurons
  • zxIs12[pF49H12.4::ChR2::mCherry; pF49H12.4::GFP]: PVD, AQR, tail neuron

A Matlab script based on the "Parallel Worm Tracker" by Ramot et al. (2008, PLoS ONE 3: e2208), that incorporates the use of a light source and a shutter, to allow photostimulation of transgenic neurons in freely behaving animals. Modified /written by Wagner Steuer Costa (steuercosta(at)

The software is free to use, but please acknowledge this accordingly upon publication.

Download (.rar Archive, includes file "120206 WSC OptoTracker Info" with instructions for installation and use).