TruMotion Locations

Goethe University Frankfurt, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, University of Lodz, and University of Macedonia are located in Frankfurt: Germany, Milan: Italy, Lodz: Poland, Lyon: France, and Thessaloniki: Greece. These five universities represent the Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Europe. They are Research universities of varying sizes and specialization. They complement each other in academic and administrative programs and structures. These complementarities are going to be made fruitful in the "TruMotion" project.

Because all TruMotion universities have strong ties with their surrounding second cities and regions, they became associate Partners to TruMotion. They are supporting the TruMotion project in many ways. Villa Vigoni, a foundation to support the academic, political, and cultural exchange between European nations, also became associate partner to support the TruMotion alliance.

How to get involved


The TruMotion Alliance offers a broad range of opportunities for students, academics and staff to get involved. Members of partner universities are advised to contact their local European University co-ordinator. For all other enquiries please contact