List of invited speaker

Invited Speaker:
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Emmanuel Abbe at EPFL Lower-bounds for descent algorithms
Matthew Aldridge at University of Leeds Inference problems in the linear regime: Lessons from group testing
Alfonso Bandeira at ETH Zurich Hardness of refuting coloring in random graphs and quietcomputational planting
Jean Barbier at ICTP Strong replica symmetry in high-dimensional
optimal bayesian inference
Christopher Bruska at Aalto Relations between random constraint satisfaction problems and cryptography
Nader Bshouty at Technion Bounds for Group Testing Algorithms to Determine the Number of Defectives
Clement Canonne at Columbia (previous) Interactive Inference under Information Constraints
Holger Dell at Goethe University Frankfurt Approximately counting and sampling edges in hypergraphs using an
independence oracle
Charilaos Efthymiou at University of Warwick On sampling symmetric Gibbs distributions on sparse random (hyper)graphs  with contiguity
Ahmed El Alaoui at Stanford University Optimization of mean-field spin glass Hamiltonians
Andreas Galanis at Oxford University Counting solutions in the random k-SAT model
Michael Gastpar at EPFL Generalization Error Bounds Via Renyi-, f-Divergences and Maximal Leakage
Karen Gundersson at University of Manitoba Turán numbers for hypergraphs and tournaments
Zongming Ma at University of Pennsylvania Testing equivalence of clustering
Arya Mazumdar at University of Massachusetts Learning Mixtures and Trace Reconstruction
Matija Pasch at LMU Munich Inference and mutual information on random factor graphs
Tatjana Pavlenko at Royal Institute of Technology KTH  Detecting of sparse and weak effects in high dimensions
Dan Vilenchik at Ben Gurion A Greedy Anytime Algorithm for Sparse PCA
Pascal Vontobel at personal website Characterizing the Bethe partition function of
double-edge factor graphs via graph covers

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