PD Dr. Tim Lanzendörfer


Tim Lanzendörfer is Heisenberg Fellow for Literary Theory, Literary Studies, and Literary Studies Education. He works on a research project entitled “Reading in the Age of Trump: The Possibilities and Politics of Literary Studies Now” with three central areas of research. First, contemporary literary theory, especially the Anglophone debate on the merits of critique and postcritique; second, contemporary fiction’s manifold investment in the question of reading as a practice and theory; third, the public expansion of the work of literary studies to include greater publics and a more diverse audience.

He obtained his PhD and postdoctoral degrees at the University of Mainz (2012; 2019) and worked at Mainz, the University of California Davis, and Freie Universität Berlin as assistant professor, visiting assistant professor, and visiting associate professor.

His publications include the monographs The Professionalization of the American Magazine: Periodicals, Biography, and Nationalism in the Early Republic (2013), which won the Research Society for American Periodicals Book Prize in 2015; Books of the Dead: Reading the Zombie in Contemporary Literature (2018); and the forthcoming Speculative Historism: Utopian Pasts and Futures in the Contemporary Novel. He is also editor and co-editor of a number of essay collections and anthologies, among them The  Poetics of Genre in the Contemporary Novel (2015) and the forthcoming Routledge Companion to the Literary Magazine.



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