Emma Merritt


Merritt, E. (2020). The Impact of Codemixing on Language Differentiation in Young Bilinguals. Entrehojas: Revista de Estudios Hispánicos.

Li, D., Yang, X., Roeper, T., Tero, A., Merritt, E., & Lopez, D. (2020). Acquisition of recursive structures in child Mandarin. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development.

Conference contributions 

September  2019

Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA) 14


“Acquisition of recursive structures in child Mandarin”

February 2019

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Family Science Days


“Language Science for Everyone”

December 2018

Language Acquisition Workshop for New England (LAWNE)


“Acquiring recursion across domains: results from math and language tasks”

April 2017

Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference


“How does the presence of shape-based classifiers influence object categorization?”

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