Online-Job-Shadowing für Studierende 

Achtung: Das Projekt ist zum 31.12.2022 beendet worden. Daher nehmen wir keine Anmeldungen mehr an

Berufstätige aus verschiedenen Berufen werden Ihnen als "Auskunftsgeber/Interviewpartner" für ca. ein bis zwei Stunden zur Verfügung stehen. Wir bringen Sie beide zusammen und Sie verabreden sich zu einem Informations-Austausch. Das Treffen wird auf Zoom, Skype o. Ä. stattfinden. Sie stellen Ihre Fragen zu seinem/ihrem Beruf und erhalten Antworten direkt aus der Berufspraxis.

Das Job-Shadowing bezieht sich strikt auf den beruflichen Kontext.

Das sind Ihre Benefits:

  • Sie erhalten direkt Antworten auf Ihre Fragen.
  • Sie erhalten einen persönlichen Einblick in den Berufsalltag.
  • Sie können erste berufliche Kontakte knüpfen.
  • Das alles bekommen Sie ohne großen Zeitaufwand.


Artikel im UniReport 04/2021

Testimonials ausgewählter Studierender

My personal feedback on our meeting is very positive. Ms. […] input was overall very constructive and encouraging, and it fully met my expectations regarding this exchange.

She first introduced herself and her job and provided details regarding the studies she pursued before entering the job market, and her sector specifically. I was later given a brief overview of how she landed the position she currently has, and, upon my request, she illustrated her typical day and the activities and tasks she's engaged with. She also talked a bit about her specific employer. I was really pleased with the fact that what she described really resonated with my idea of “ideal job" and with my aspirations and interests so far, so I'd say our match for the Job Shadowing program was really great and well thought.

We then talked about the best ways to enter the international sector. Ms. […] suggested three different job-seeking platforms that were yet unknown to me. She advised to look for opportunities for either internships positions or volunteering experience, which she warmly recommended to build. She also mentioned certain skills that are currently sought after in her sector but invited me to first think of the experience and the transferable skills I've gained from past activities.

Ms. […] ultimately expressed availability to answer any future question I might have. I'd like to thank you once again for involving me in this project.

Laura Folgheraiter (Italy), Modern East Asian Studies (Master of Arts), zweijähriger Masterstudiengang, beendet zum 1. Sep. 2021, bewirbt sich aktuell europaweit in internationalen Organisationen

I am Xinyue Zhu, an LL.M. student at Goethe University Frankfurt. After completing my bachelor's degree in UIBE in China and some internships at international law firms, banks, government and corporates, I am currently doing my internship at a German law firm.

I have communicated with my mentor many times via zoom and email. My mentor gives me experience from a wide variety of areas and to be able to help with questions regarding my studies as well as career entry, including but not limited to interview tips, practical information and differences about the jobs, insights into everyday working life from a personal perspective and the experiences of international graduates on the German job market. Without this event, I find it hard to believe that I would have been able to learn about the German legal job market in such detail. And with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor, I managed to get an internship at a law fim. I highly recommend this event, from which I benefited a lot!

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