Focus Options for a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Thesis


The department of physics offers students a multitude of possible focus options through compulsory optional and minor subject modules in theoretical and experimental physics. Before starting a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Thesis in a working group, having profound knowledge in the group's main fields of research can be of advantage. This summary offers an overview of the current research foci of the department's professors and assistant professors and recommends compulsory optional and minor subject modules which may serve as a basis for an own  research project in the corresponding working group. Furthermore, the advanced practical studies offer an ideal opportunity to look into the basic techniques of each of the specialties and are also prefectly suitable to prepare you for further scientific works. The practical courses, however, are not part of this summary. This overview serves the purpose of helping students choose appropriate compulsory optional and minor subject modules which may fit their own fields of interest. There is of course NO obligation to take all of the courses given below before starting a research project in a working group. 

Condensed Matter

Focusing on Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

Condensed matter

Theoretical Nuclear Physics/Elementary Matter

Focusing on Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Elementary Matter and Astrophysics

Elementary matter

Applied Physics, experimental Nuclear and Astrophysics

Focusing on experimental physics in the fields of Nuclear Physics, Applied Physics and Astrophysics


Complex systems & Neuro sciences

Focusing on the fields of complex systems and Neuro sciences 

Neuro Sciences


Focusing on Biophysics

Biophysics (german)

Physics Education

Focusing on Physics education

Physics Education

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