Physics (Bachelor/ Master)

Study guidelines for a Bachelor/Master in physics: Ordnung für den Bachelor- und Masterstudiengang Physik (german pdf document)

The statutory version of the study guidelines for the Bachelor/Master course of studies can be found here. (german website) 

The courses of studies for Bachelor and Master degrees in physics at Goethe University Frankfurt were accredited for the first time in 2008. The study guideline was revised and accredited anew in 2011. SBachelor and Master courses are a replacement for the discontinued physics diploma courses.

All exams have to be taken while studying the respective course. Every module, which consists of a few courses, is completed with an exam. In addition, a bachelor thesis has to be written during the 6th semester over the course of three months. "Credit points" (CP) can be earned in every module. For a "Bachelor of Science" degree, a total of 180 CP has to be earned. For a "Master of Science" degree, another 120 CP have to be earned during the 4 semesters of the Master courses. The last year of the Master's course is centered on working in a scientific working group.

Both the Bachelor's and the Master's program in physics offer a special track focussing on the physics of information technology. In these special tracks the standard curriculum in physics is complemented by courses providing a basic knowledge of information technology and electrical engineering.

The Bachelor's program in Physics is exclusively offered in German language. Proficiency in German according to the DSH regulation (DSH-Ordnung) of Goethe University is required for admission.