Ongoing Projects

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Imaging and target tracking millimeter-wave radar for space applications

Landing and docking in space require imaging and target tracking sensors that can operate independently of the lighting situation and at the same time have good resolution and precise spatial localization with minimum data rates. Millimeter-wave radar sensors and real-time image processing can meet these requirements.

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Energy Harvesting

Investigation into Power Generation in Self-Powered Sensor Networks

For energy harvesting systems (EHS) are structures that collect energy from the environment and convert it into electricity. This technology represents an important alternative to battery operation in different applications. Current applications use linear EHS resulting in an inherent limitation of the power generated with it. In contrast, nonlinear EHS, which can be represented as a modulated bistable oscillators with noise excitation, allow to overcome this limitation, while increasing the efficiency.

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Multi-frequency multi-mode Terahertz screening for border checks

TeraSCREEN proposes to develop an innovative concept of multi-frequency multi-mode Terahertz (THz) detection with new automatic detection and classification functionalities. The system developed will demonstrate, at a live control point in Madrid-Barajas International Airport, the safe automatic detection and classification of objects concealed under clothing, whilst respecting privacy and increasing current throughput rates.

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Sensors towards Terahertz

Sensors are an indispensable part of everyday’s life : In every small technical device many sensors are installed such as location and touch sensors in mobile phones, gas sensors in automobiles and incinerators that detect pollutants or step and pulse sensors in watches. However, many applications, especially in the fields of environmental sensors and bioanalytics, as well as in Real time Monitoring, require innovative Sensor concepts.

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Breastcancer Detection

Microwave Breastcancer Detection

Active approaches for microwave mammography are based on the dielectric contrast between healthy and malignant tissue. This allows a three-dimensional localization of one or possibly several tumors. Current research activities consider the heterogeneity of breast tissue which is a major challenge for reliable three-dimensional tumor detection.

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Im kommenden Sommersemester 2014 findet die Veranstaltung "Grundlagen der computergestützten Signalverarbeitung - mit Mini-Projekten" statt. Im ersten Teil der Veranstaltung wird eine Einführung in die computergestützte Signalverarbeitung gegeben, bei der die Vermittlung von grundlegenden Analysekonzepten im Vordergrund steht. Anschließend erfolgt im zweiten Teil die Bearbeitung von Mini-Projekten, die in Form von kleinen Projektteams erarbeitet werden. Am Ende steht die Präsentation der Ergebnisse.

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