Felix Göbler


The Brenner-Schröer generalization of the Proj construction to more arbitrary graded rings yields a scheme that is not separated in many cases. In return, it is possible to assign a system of fans to a multigraded ring, giving the Proj construction the structure of a toric prevariety.  
The goal is to find a reverse construction that also applies to the coordinate ring of a toric variety as well as to study the properties of the multigraded Proj compared to the classical one


I prepare(d) the exercise classes for the following lectures

Winter Term 2019/2020Algebraic Geometry I
Elementarmathematik I
Summer Term 2020Algebraic Geometry II
Elementarmathematik II
Winter Term 2020/2021Algebraic Geometry III
Linear Algebra I
Summer Term 2021Linear Algebra II
Winter Term 2021/2022Algebra
Summer Term 2022Commutative Algebra
Elementarmathematik II
Summer Term 2023

Algebraic Geometry II
Winter Term 2023Linear Algebra I
Summer Term 2024Linear Algebra II

My supervisor Prof. Alex Küronya and me have written a textbook on elementary math (corresponding to the lecture series `Elementarmathematik') that has been published by Springer in august 2023.


24.10.2019Oberseminar Algebra Ulm
Numer field sieve (talk on my master thesis)
22.04.2021DaFraHeiMai/GAUS-Seminar SoSe 2021
The Betti moduli space
09.12.2021GAUS-Seminar – WiSe 2021/22
A crash course on toric varieties