EXPLORE: Experiential Learning Opportunity through Research & Exchange

EXPLORE is a research-focused online seminar in which students from Germany, Canada and the US work in small international research teams on hot-topics of modern cosmology, astro-, particle and gravitational physics.

With your peers from Germany, Canada and the US, you will work in small groups exploring and working on real research topics. Each group is being assigned a tutor with whom you will have weekly online meetings to discuss the project, to exchange your ideas and receive feedback.

The course will be initially guided by lectures, held by the professors in the mentors team, to provide the basic knowledge of the topics. Additionally, you will have Python programming tutorials to learn scientific coding or improve your coding skills.

During the seminar you will develop a research questions which you can use for a subsequent research visit. After successfully completing the seminar you can get nominated by the EXPLORE team for a GREP fellowship for an individual research visit in Frankfurt.

After completing the online seminar and research visit in Frankfurt you can meet your peers and mentors in the EXPLORE Summer school. 

You can sign up for the in-person EXPLORE Summer School, which will be hosted at one of the partnering universities. The summer school not only provides interesting talks by outstanding scientists, but also local social activities to get to know your peers and mentors!


Field of Research: dark matter, dark stars, neutron stars, cosmology, gravitational waves, cosmic structure formation, quantum gravity

Department: Physics, Theoretical Physics

Principal Investigator, Speaker : Prof. Dr. Laura Sagunski



EXPLORE Poster 2023/24


Online Seminar: October 2023

GREP Research Visit: May - end of July 2024

Summer School: August 2024

Project Description

Since EXPLORE is an international collaborative project, all lectures and tutorials will be taking place online via Zoom (tba).

Exercises: With your peers from Germany, Canada and the USA, you will work in small groups exploring and working on real research topics. These will be accompanied by lectures providing the basic knowledge of the topics and Python tutorials to learn scientific computing. Additionally, there will be weekly team meetings with your group mentor to exchange your ideas and receive feedback.

Passing the course & exams: You will have successfully passed the EXPLORE course after your presentation of your research project results in a scientific workshop at the end of the semester.


EXPLORE cooperates with the follwing universities:

  • York University 
  • University of Alberta
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students from other universitys can apply for EXPLORE upon request from the seminar supervisors; providing that recognition of transfer credit is assured.