Forschungsprojekte der AG Physische Geographie und Umweltwandel


  • Qualitative and quantitative changes of the physical environment (past to present)

  • Sediment and particulate matter fluxes and budgets in multi-component Earh systems

  • Man and environment relationships through time

  • Global Change: causes, mechanisms and regional effects 

  • Earth surface system research: geomorphology, fluvial morphology, soil geography, terrestrial geosystems



  • Rio Palancia project: Holocene hinterland to delta fluxes in a large-scale Mediterranean river basin (Rio Palancia, Valencia, Spain): morphology, sedimentology, and radarstratigraphy of depositional sinks in the Rio Palancia catchment (1000 sqkm) (funding by DFG, 2006-2011)
  • Spatio-temporal variability of man-induced sediment mobility in meso-scaled upland catchments (SW Germany) - Quantitative fluxes and chronology of erosion, storage and delivery (funding by DFG)
    • Sediment flux in the Pfälzer Wald area (since 2006)
    • Sediment flux in the Gersprenz catchment (Odenwald uplands) (since 2008-2011)
  • Environment and prehistoric settlement in the Wetterau basin (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg) (2000-2005)

E-learning projects