M. Sc. Tobias Kapetanopoulos

I am a PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

My supervisors are Amin Coja-Oghlan and Nicola Kistler.

I am supported by a stipend of the Polytechnische Gesellschaft http://www.sptg.de

My research interests are in phase transition in discrete structures and machine learning.



  • 'Charting the Replica Symmetric Phase' at APPROX/RANDOM 17 at UC Berkeley
  • 'Random Factor Graph Models: The Replica Symmetric Phase' at Seminar on Combinatorics and Optimization at TU Graz


  • 'Percolation on Random Recursive Trees’ at Stochastic Seminar Riezlern




Upcoming Events


Past Events

  • Hausdorff School: Random Constraint Satisfaction, Bonn (Germany), 17.-21. July 2017
  • Summer School on Random Graphs and Probabilistic Methods, Toronto (Canada), 29. May – 9. June 2017
  • Workshop on Statistical Physics, Learning, Inference and Networks, Les Houches (France), 20. February – 3. March 2017
  • Visiting TUG, Graz (Austria), 20.-23. February 2017
  • Workshop on Random Processes in Discrete Structures, Warwick (UK), 30. August – 2. September 2016
  • AG-Workshop, Hirschegg (Austria), 22.-26. August 2016
  • Workshop on Phase Transitions in Discrete Structures, Frankfurt (Germany), 25.-29. July 2016
  • Workshop on Random Instances and Phase Transitions, Berkeley (US), 2. -6. May 2016
  • Stochastic Seminar, Riezlern (Austria), 13.-18. March 2016
  • Stochastic Seminar, Riezlern (Austria), 22.-28. March 2015