Dr. Sara Lamboglia


M.A. Hahn, S.Lamboglia, A. Vargas."A short note on Steiner Representations". (in preparation)

C.D.Hill, S.Lamboglia, F.P.Simon. "Tropical convex hull of convex sets". (in preparation)

L.Bossinger, S.Lamboglia, K.Mincheva, F.Mohammadi. "Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties". Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry. Fields Institute Communications 80,Springer Science+Business Media LLC, 2017. (arXiv 1702.05505)

Carlos Améndola, Kathlén Kohn, Sara Lamboglia, Diane Maclagan, Benjamin Smith, Jeff Sommars, Paolo Tripoli and Magdalena Zajaczkowska.  "Computing tropical varieties in Macaulay2".(arXiv:1710.10651). (Submitted)

Sara Lamboglia. "Tropical Fano Schemes".(arXiv:1807.06283) (Submitted)

Other projects:

Sara Lamboglia.ToricDegenerations.m2, a Macaulay2 package to compute toric degenerations from the tropicalization of a variety. Package connected to the paper "Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties".


I am organising the seminar "Tropical Geometry In Frankfurt" together with Martin Ulirsch and Marvin Hahn.

I was at ICERM for a week of Collaborate@Icerm in July 2019 together with Cvetelina Hill and Faye Pasley.

I visited Institute Mittag-Leffler ( 4-8/2/2018) during the "Tropical Geometry, Amoebas and Polytopes" Program.

I  co-organised with Lara Bossinger -> "Workshop for young researchers: Representation Theory meets Tropical Geometry", March 12-16 2018, Cologne, Germany

Talks :

"Fixed point sets in B-T buildings",Summer school: Buildings and affine Grassmannians, CIRM,France, 29 August 2019

"Introduction to tropical geometry"-Introductory lecture,Students' Conference on Tropical and Non-Archimedean geometry,Regensburg, Germany, 28 July 2019

"Tropical convex hulls of polytopes"-SIAM-AG Minisymposium Computational tropical geometry,Bern ,Switzerland, 10 July 2019

"Tropical Fano schemes"-Weekly Seminar,Bristol,UK, 1 May 2019

"Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties"-Intercity Seminar, Fribourg, 29 March 2019

"A tropical version of Fano schemes"-Bern-Eindoven Seminar,Bern,Switzerland, 27 March 2019

"A tropical version of Fano schemes"-Tropical Mathematics & its Applications,QMUL,UK,13 March 2019

"A tropical version of Fano schemes"-BATMOBYLE, Yale University,USA, 29 November 2018

"Tropical Fano Schemes"-Postdoctoral seminar,ICERM,USA, 6 November 2018

"What is...tropical geometry"-Field of Dreams 2018, St.Louis, USA, 3 November 2018

"Tropical Fano Schemes"-A Tropical Panorama,MPI MiS Leipzig, Germany, 9-10 July 2018

"Tropical Fano Schemes"-University of Frankfurt,Germany,November,2017

"Tropical Fano Schemes"-University of Regensburg,Germany,August ,2017

"Toric degenerations via tropical geometry"-University of Cologne,Germany, May 30,2017

"Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties"-3C in G Workshop on Computational Algebra, Cambridge, April,2017

"Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties"-Winter School: Geometry, Algebra and Combinatorics of Moduli Spaces and Configurations -February 2017

(Slides )

"Computing toric degenerations of flag varieties"-MPI MiS Leipzig, Germany-October 2016

"Introduction to tropical curves"- Research in the UK afternoon. University of Cambridge, UK-November 2015

Other :

This is the poster I presented at the Poster Competition for Women in Science 

This is the poster I presented at British Algebraic Geometry Meeting  

Teaching :

2017/2018 MA222 Metric Spaces -Teaching Assistant

2016/2017 MA222 Metric Spaces -Teaching Assistant

2016/2017 MA3F1 Introduction to Topology -Teaching Assistant

2015/2016 Supervision for First Year Math Students

2014/2015 MA222 Metric Spaces -Teaching Assistant

2014/2015 Supervision for First Year Math Students