Ralf Hoinkis


Research interests

  • Holocene landscape change in Mediterranean environments;

  • Slope erosion processes in Alpine environments;

  • Geomorphic GIS applications and data visualization;

  • Quantitative approaches to geomorphology.




Houben, P., Hoinkis, R., Santisteban, J.I., Salat, C., Mediavilla, R., 2011. Combining allostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic perspectives to compile subregional records of fluvial responsiveness: the case of the sustainably entrenching Palancia River watershed (Mediterranean coast, NE Spain). Geomorphology 129, 172-191.

Sass, O., M. Heel, R. Hoinkis & K.-F. Wetzel (2010): A six-year record of debris transport by avalanches on a wildfire slope (Arnspitze, Tyrol). – ZfG, accepted.



Research projects

Morphology, sedimentology, and radarstratigraphy of depositional sinks in a dryland river system (Rio Palancia, Spain) (funded by the DFG, 2006-2008)
key words: land use history, soil erosion, sediment flux between sources and sinks, delta formation, sediment budget approach, Mediterranean environments, integrated development of GPR and geoelectrical applications in Earth surface processes studies, radar facies



Educational activities

  • Seminar z. Landschaftshaushalt: Paraglacial geomorphology (with P. Houben), seminar and field course in the NW Austrian Alps
  • Field trip and field exercises: Geomorphological mapping in Mediterranean coastal river catchments
  • Short field trips: Current slope erosion and deposition on steep alpine limestone slopes (Karwendel, N Alps)