Optisches Kabinett

WiSe 2023/2024

Ort: als Zoom
Zeit: Donnerstag; Beginn: 13:30 Uhr s.t.

Infos bei: Marcus Abt

Datum Vortragender Bemerkungen

Freitag 20.10.23,  14 Uhr

Prof. Xiaomei Yu from Peking University Thermomechanical Microcantilever FPA for THz Imaging
26.10 Rohit Kapoor Überblick zum Aufenthalt in Salamanca
02.11 Hui Yuan Polyimide THz filters
09.11 Mingjun Xiang Depth determination by deep learning
16.11 Jakob Holstein Direct laser printing of filter structures on Tera-FETs
23.11 Fällt aus!
Johann Brenner, MPI  Usage of Laser-Direct writer in Roskos cleanroom
30.11 Hui Yuan/
Florian Ludwig
Results of measurements in Warsaw/Leeds
07.12 Liuyang Zhang recent research development of terahertz non destructive testing and noncontact sensing
14.12 Fanqi Meng BIC and violation of Babinet principle
21.12, 13:00 Uhr Kento Uchida, Kyoto University Extreme nonlinear optics in strongly correlated materials.
11.01.24 Alvydas Lisauskas Near-field THz sensing
Freitag 19.01.24, 14:00 Uhr Larissa Rößler Metamaterials with controlled phase change
25.01 Jahnabi Hazarika/
Fanqi Meng
Coherent coupling of 2D RTD arrays: an application of Ising model
01.02 Lei Cao Progress in Metamaterial-Based THz Biosensors
08.02 Johann Brenner, MPI New devices in our clean room!
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