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Ort: als Zoom
Zeit: Donnerstag; Beginn: 13:30 Uhr s.t.
Infos bei: Marcus Abt

Datum Vortragender Bemerkungen
27.10.22 Mingjun Xiang Phase retrieval for THz imaging systems with physics-informed deep learning
03.11. Hui Yuan THz Fourier imaging (Disputation practice)
10.11 Jahnabi Hazarika Ultrafast optical switching of cavity polaritons
17.11 [Juan Delgado] [Graphene structures and devices]
24.11 Rohit Kapoor Graphene-hBN hetreostucture preparation
01.12.  Florian Ludwig Resistive self-mixing and PTE-response in graphene TeraFETs
08.12.  Nicolas Christophel Photocurrents in a quasi-1D charge-density-wave solid
12.01.23 Lichuan Zheng Active metamaterials
19.01 Jakob Holstein Progress on Si TFETs above 3 THz
26.01 Elham Talvari s-SNOM experiments on CNT/TMDC
02.02 Lei Cao Terahertz metamaterial sensors with interdigital fingers.
09.02 [Fanqi Meng] [Cavity RTDs]
16.02 Dennis Henn Digital Channel Identification for a CDMA MIMO FMCW Radar
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