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Competencies are the key to success on the path of lifelong learning in a working environment that is constantly changing. The focus of HR-Learning and Development is to empower employees through skills development in line with the goals of Goethe University. 

We have a strategic and systematic approach to learning and development, enabling us to develop a quality-assured and future-oriented competency portfolio for personal learning, professional and career development at our university

The Learning and Development offers are aimed at internal employees of Goethe University: professors (tenure-track, R4), managers, scientific, administrative and technical staff as well as assistants and apprentices in scientific and academic support services. 

Lifelong learning? Yes, please!

Systemic personnel development

Personnel development at universities means scientifically based and practically proven systematic promotion and further development of the competencies of employees. 

This contributes to the fulfillment of the university's tasks, to the achievement and safeguarding of its strategic goals and to individual professional development. 

Personnel development is based on competency models, is oriented towards the present and future and is planned according to needs and target groups. In addition, it will be further developed on the basis of data and evidence. 

Personnel development has the goal of empowering organizations, teams and individual employees so that they can optimally use and expand their skills. This supports university development and promotes attractiveness as an employer.

With our strategy concept: Modern personnel and organizational development at Goethe University, we pursue both a structural and an individualized approach. We are also guided by established standards, such as the Code of Good Personnel Development at Universities.

In 2021, we were awarded 3rd place by an external jury of experts for the Goethe-Learning-Campus in the non-profit/public service sector.

Systemic personnel development tools

We work with established personnel development systems for a quality-assured competency portfolio. Competencies are the key to lifelong learning. 

Our competency compass is an important building block for us to provide an attractive portfolio, including certificate programs, learning paths, seminars,e-learning courses and consultation. 

Our modular learning formats and methods reach a wide variety of learning types. Our guidance and evaluation support an effective transfer of learning into daily university and work life. 

These important PE systems are integrated into our digital learning platform Goethe-Learning-Campus.

Perspectives for individual development

To be able to respond to your individual development needs and interests, the annual Employee Development Interview (MAEG) offers you space for joint reflection in a trusting dialogue.

As an employee (including new employees during the probationary period), you can talk to your manager/professor in a structured manner about current and future tasks, about potentials and competencies, as well as about your development wishes.

Leadership development

Leadership is always highly relevant in science and administration.  

For you as a manager and professor, it is important to understand in which leadership environment you work and act today and in the future. Leadership in everyday university life takes place under constantly changing complex conditions

Successful leadership therefore requires continuous reflection and adaptation. Systemic leadership systems, models, and tools are available to support you. 

According to your desired competency development, you can select targeted leadership and management offers from the modular system

Leadership development enables continuous career and leadership guidance as well as team development.

Employee development

Certificate programs and learning paths

Goethe University supports lifelong learning and offers you a variety of opportunities to further your education and develop skills – including for new tasks. 

The various high-quality certificate programs and learning paths for your individual development consist of modules that build on each other didactically and have a lasting effect on your personal knowledge transfer.

Networking and Collaboration

All our services offer you a trusting space for collegial exchange and interdisciplinary networking. 

These collaboration spaces are integrated into the respective offer design. Individual reflections on one's own learning also take place during the knowledge transfer phases.

Rhein-Main University Alliance (RMU)

Collaboration also plays an important role in the RMU network. Therefore L&D Departments cooperate by open special learning offers. This collaboration grows step by step in next months.

Our online learning platform "Goethe-Lerncampus" is the technological framework for various hybrid learning offers and formats. 

Have fun exploring!

Login: www.goethe-lerncampus.de

Our scientifically derived competency compass is the basis for our portfolio of offerings and provides internal employees at Goethe University with guidance in selecting suitable competency offerings.

Link to interactive competency compass

Download Competency Compass with indicators

In our Learning Journals employees, managers and professors from both acadamia and administration share their learning experiences and speak about how manage to integrate their new skills and compatancies into daily university life.

Published Issues:

2024: Issue 3: Successful Learning and Development Transfer

2023: Issue 2: Lively further education

2022: Issue 1: Rediscover further education

HR-L&D Network & Memberships

  • Rhein-Main-University-Alliance (RMU)
  • Network for Personnel Development at Universities (UniNetzPE
  • German Society for Personnel Management (DGFP)
  • Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM)
  • German Society for Transactional Analysis (DGTA)
  • Insitute for Systemic Counseling (ISB)
  • International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI)


Head of L&D: Katja Jäger

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Email: consulting.peoe@uni-frankfurt.de

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