Digital Caucasiology - a Change of Paradigms?

International Symposium Digital Caucasiology - a Change of Paradigms?"

Host institution: Institute for Empirical Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt

Holding time: October 4th-8th, 2023

Organizers: Prof. Manana Tandaschwili (Goethe University Frankfurt), Prof. Jost Gippert (Hamburg University)

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Program, Book of Abstracts

From October 4th to 8th, the international symposium “Digital Caucasiology – A Change of Paradigm?” was held at the Institute for Empirical Linguistics at Goethe University.

The symposium - organized by Prof. Dr. Manana Tandashvili (professor for Caucasiology) - was opened by Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff, the President of the Goethe University, personally. Representatives, supporters and of course participants from the Georgian side were also present - among them were the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Giorgi Amilakhvari, Ambassador of Georgia to the Federal Republic of Germany Prof. Levan Izoria, Consul from the Consulate General of Georgia in Frankfurt Maia Abulashvili and representatives of Georgia's partner universities – Prof. Manana Sanadze, Prof. Zviad Gabionia, Prof. Tinatin Gudushauri, Prof. Teona Beridze.

Both professors and young scientists took part in the symposium in followed sessions: Digital Manuscript Studies, Digital Lexicographie, Digital Prossesing of Manuscripts and Inscriptions, Digital Methods in Caucasian Studies.

Of the 5 very interesting days, October 7th was dedicated to the young researchers: 12 doctoral students and post-docs presented their research and results, which was very well received by the audience.

The grand finale of the symposium took place on October 8th. The participants, both senior and junior researchers, were able to learn a lot, discuss and share ideas - especially the students had the unique opportunity to meet experienced researchers such as Mzekala Shanidze, Donald Rayfield, Jost Gippert, Bernard Outtier, George Hewitt, Chahan Vidal-Gorèn, Gabriel Képéklian, Emmanuel Van Elverdinghe, Sergey Kim, Tinatin Margalitadze, Nina Dobrushina, Karina Vamling and Paul Meurer.

The project was financed by Volkswagen Foundation

Applicant of the project: Prof. Manana Tandaschwili (Frankfurt University), Prof. Jost Gippert (Hamburg University), Prof. Darejan Tvaltvadze (Tbilisi State University) and Prof. Ramaz Khalvashi (Batumi State University)

Project Coordinators: Dr. Mariam Kamarauli (Hamburg University), Phd. Student Giorgi Jgharkava (Tbilisi State University)

Student support group: Julian Hasche, Jannick Liedtke, Marc Rahn, Eike Glockner, Jannick Baake, Shorena Shatirishvili