Project Summary


ENGAGEgreen seeks to enhance researchers' knowledge, skills, and competencies for policy engagement, thereby supporting effective knowledge transfer for evidence-infomed policy-making in the areas of environment, fight against climate change, and digital transformation. Additionally, the project will strenthen universities' instututional capacities of policy engagement as they will be able to offer innovative trainings in these areas for researchers, students, and research managers.


ENGAGEgreen will pilot innovative, science-policy dialogue initiatives to build long-term networks between scientists and policy-making professionals and create best practice examples. A virtual toolkit and related training sessions will inform researchers, research managers, and students about instruments and structures of policy engagement in the areas of green and digital transitions. Our dissemination efforts will inform key stakeholders about the potential of policy engagement. 

Work Packages

Our work packages target activities in the areas of environment, fight against climate change, and digital transformation. Work package 1 being the project management, the other four work packages are:

Work Package 2

Science-Policy Dialogue Formats

Development, piloting and evaluation of innovative science-policy dialogue activities. The activities are preparatory for work packages 3 and 4.

Work Package 3

Virtual Policy Engagement Toolkit

Development and dissemenation of a virtual tool and primary instrument to enhance institutional capacities and researchers' competencies for policy engagement.

Work Package 4

Institutional Capacity Building at Universities 

Development of infrastructures to incorporate and offer training programmes for researchers and students. Thus enhancement of knowledge, skills and competence for policy engagement. 

Work Package 5

Dissemination and Civic-Engagement

Dissemination of the project results to facilitate outreach and promotion of approaches and tools developed. Enhancing the universities' civic engagement in terms of knowledge transfer to society and policy. 


Our activities will result in 

  • enhanced capacities of the partner universities to support their rearchers' and students' understanding of the potentials of policy and civic engagement in the areas of green and digital transition
  • a Policy Engagement Toolkit that can be used for trainings by the universities and beyond
  • extended networks derived from 40-50 virtual or in-person sicnece-policy dialogue events and trainings, involving up to 1,000 participants across five European countries.