The IEAS Literary Journal

The IEAS Literary Journal is designed to foster creative writing in English. Goethe University students and alumni are welcome to submit original short stories, poems, or literary nonfiction in English for publication in the journal. We encourage students who participate in the creative writing workshops held throughout the academic year to submit their work to the journal. The annual submission deadline is announced during the winter semester.

Current students in their 3rd semester or later may serve as journal editors, responsible for selection, editing, and layout. Participating in editing the IEAS Literary Journal may strengthen applications for internships or study abroad. Students interested in gaining editorial experience may submit a short application (200 words in English) to the "IEAS Literary Journal Editors" at no earlier than October 1 of the Winter Semester each year - please see QIS for further, specific information as to the application process and requirements.
Students may receive 2 credit points for their work as editor.

The newest editions of the Literary Journal are available for purchase at Script & Kopie.

Creative Writing Workshop

See QIS/LSF-Vorlesungsverzeichnis for information about this semester's creative writing workshop(s). Workshops vary by semester; as examples, recent workshops have focused on short fiction, flash fiction, screenwriting, creative non-fiction, metered verse, and free verse.