Alexej Kraiker

Personal Data

Year of birth              1995

Professional Career

2019 - present Ph. D. student, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Scientific Certificates / Degrees

Bachelor of science Physics, Goethe university Frankfurt (Main), „Monte Carlo studies of the trigger efficiency of the ALICE-PHOS detector“ (submitted in German), supervised by: Prof. Dr. H. Büsching
Master of Sience Physics, Goethe University Frankfurt (Main), „Single crystal growth and characterization of high melting Lanthanoid-Compounds” (submitted in German), supervised by: Prof. Dr. C. Krellner             


  • Design of a high pressure furnace.
  • Crystal growth and characterization of strongly correlated electron systems (GdT2Si2 (T=Co, Ru), TbT2Si2 (T=Ir, Rh)).


Summer term 2015 - present    Supervisor at „Basic physics lab course – part I“
Summer term 2016       Supervisor at „Experimental nuclear and particle physics“
Summer term 2017       Supervisor at „Experimental nuclear and particle physics“

Academic Education

2013   2019           Studies of Physics, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2005 2013    

Humboldtschule, Bad Homburg v. d. H.

Publication list

  1. Kliemt, M. Peters, F. Feldmann, A. Kraiker, D.-M. Tran, S. Rongstock, J. Hellwig, S. Witt, M. Bolte and C. Krellner, Crystal growth of materials with the ThCr2Si2 structure type, Crystal Research and Technology, 1900116 (2019), invited paper,, Online ISSN 1521-407
  2. Yu. Usachov, I. A. Nechaev, G. Poelchen, M. Güttler, E. E. Krasovskii, S. Schulz, A. Generalov, K. Kliemt, A. Kraiker, C. Krellner, K. Kummer, S. Danzenbächer, C. Laubschat, A. P. Weber, E. V. Chulkov, A. F. Santander-Syro, T. Imai, K. Miyamoto, T. Okuda, D. V. Vyalikh, Cubic Rashba effect in the surface spin structure of rare-earth ternary materials, PRL 124, 237202 (2020),, [arXiv:2002.01701]