Dr. Veit Bachmann


I have joined the Department of Human Geography at Goethe-University Frankfurt in January 2021 as the director of the French-German (DFG/ANR) project “In the Mirror of the European Neighbourhood (Policy): Mapping Macro-Regional Imaginations” (IMAGEUN). I am a political and economic geographer with research interests in European studies, regional and sustainable development, good governance, focussing on (structural) inequalities, power hierarchies as well as political and economic polarisation.

My work relates to cultural, social and economic geography, development studies, (critical) geopolitics, (trans)area studies and migration studies, examining processes of globalization and regionalization in Europe and Africa as well as their effects on global South-North and South-South relations. Based on these interests, I engage with wider geopolitical and geoeconomic transformation processes and their impact on different scales of geographic inquiry. My conceptual work pursues two strands of research; one that explores the reciprocal relationship between society, politics, economics and space and another one that studies geopolitical and geoeconomic orderings, such as global power hierarchies and European integration.

Empirically, I have worked extensively in Europe, East Africa and North Africa. My work in Europe engages with questions of sociospatial marginalization and the aligned processes of political and economic polarisation as well as with European geopolitics and the future of European integration. In my research in East Africa, I have widely examined aspects of European development policies (renewable energy and HIV/AIDS policies), questions of good governance and civil society participation, the emergence of a collective European diplomacy, as well as African-Asian relations. My work in North Africa focusses on Tunisia and questions of migration, societal composition and political and economic transformation after the “Arab Spring” and the (emerging) spaces of interaction between North and West Africa.

After my undergraduate education in geography, international relations and economics at the Universität Trier, Germany, I obtained the degrees of MSc in geography at Texas A&M University, USA (2006) and PhD in geography from the University of Plymouth, UK (2009). I subsequently worked at Goethe-University Frankfurt as director of the interdisciplinary working group “EuroGaps” and at the University of Bonn as “Akademischer Rat auf Zeit”, where I also completed my "Habilitation" in 2021.

Arbeitsgruppe Boeckler

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