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Archives of Colonial Dis/Possession: Centering Non-European Perspectives on Wealth (15th-18th Centuries)

Gefördert durch die VolkswagenStiftung (2024-25)

Archives of Colonial Dis/Possession: Centering Non-European Perspectives on Wealth (15th-18th Centuries) traces marginalized, displaced, and racialized agencies and knowledges on imperial fortune and regards them through the lens of the archive. The archive, as form of assembly and access to the past, encompasses alternative literacies and modes of storage during Romance expansionism. This project investigates the legacies of Inca and Aztec metallurgic technologies, African refining wisdom, or Asian mineral notions, informing and transforming early modern comprehensions of wealth.

Theodore de Bry: Potosí (1601) © John Carter Brown Library, Box 1894

Carlos Julião (1740-1811): Lavagem do cascalho [de diamantes, por escravos] © Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil  

Pandemics and Coloniality: Biopolitical Entanglements in Early Modern Chronicles and COVID-19 Narratives

Gefördert durch die VolkswagenStiftung (2021-2023)

This project's key question asks how structures of coloniality are inherent to Covid-19 narratives, and how their biopolitical mechanisms relate to early colonial accounts of disease. As a key result, the project provides a set of qualitative scientific data on biopolitical entanglements between early modern and contemporary language of pandemics. The key impact is a historic understanding on Covid-19's globalized, unequal knowledge-power, which further stimulates a transformation of the research field of early colonial illness.

Project Results

Conference Participation

Cuerpos, remedios, políticas. Las cartas jesuitas del siglo XVI, Romanistentag, Universität Leipzig, 2023.

Entornos virales: Biopolítica, colonialidad y medición durante el expansionismo del siglo XVI y Covid-19. Hispanistentag, Universität Graz, 2023.

Biopolitics and the Narrative of Colonial Illness, Crisis Narratives and the Pandemic, Universität Regensburg, 2022.

Coyolxauhqui / Coloniality: On Biopolitics and Covid-19 Fiction, EMZ, University of San Antonio Texas, 2022.

Biopolitische Interventionen in Chroniken und Bildern der Romania. Romanistentag, Universität Augsburg, 2021.

Koloniale Geschichte und Krankheit in frühneuzeitlichen indianischen Chroniken und COVID-19 Erzählungen. Lusitanistentag, Universität Leipzig, 2021.

Pandemics and Coloniality: From Chronicles of the Indies to Covid-19 Narratives. Epidemics and Othering: The Biopolitics of Covid-19 in Historical and Cultural Perspectives, Universität Bochum, 2021.

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