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German language proficiency test (DSH)

Before beginning to study in Germany, students from abroad have to pass the German language proficiency test (DSH). After having passed the exam on DSH 2 or DSH 3 level, you will receive a certificate which entitles you to take up university studies in Germany. DSH 1 is a result that doesn't entitle to study at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Once you have a DSH certificate you meet the linguistic requirements of taking up university studies in Germany. Being granted a DSH certificate means that you are capable of understanding, analyzing, reproducing and commenting on scientific texts in German.

We highly recommend that you prepare yourself very intensively for DSH, ideally, by enrolling for comprehensive German language courses.

Current Data:

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At Frankfurt University you may participate in our DSH exams only if you are enrolled as a student at a German university.

For more information on the application procedure of Frankfurt University please click here. In case you would like to take up your studies at another German university rather than at Frankfurt University please make sure to register on time (at least two weeks before the DSH- examination) with the office of the International Study Center (“Internationales Studienzentrum”). Please bring with you your matriculation certificate or an official university notification.

Examination Fee:

The examination fee for

·        participants of German language courses (DSH) at Goethe-University is 115 €

·        all other applicants is 140 €


The DSH consists of a written, and, normally, an oral exam. The written examination is composed of three tests covering four different linguistic areas:

        Understanding and working with audio texts/ Listening comprehension

·        Producing texts while following certain guidelines

·        Understanding and analyzing a text, as well as, linguistic structures/ Reading comprehensionThe entire written examination lasts three to four hours. Those who pass the written exam are admitted to the oral examination. The oral exam involves discussing a certain topic dealt with in a text or in graphic form. Before the oral exam begins each student is granted a preparatory period of twenty minutes.

The overall result of the DSH-Examination is called

 ·        DSH-1, if both, the oral and the written part, each reaches a minimum of 57 percent.

·        DSH-2, if both, the oral and the written part, each reaches a minimum of 67 percent.

·        DSH-3, if both, the oral and the written part, each reaches a minimum of 82 percent.


For more references and information on the DSH please clickhere.

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