Renormalised mean-field theory and variational Monte-Carlo studies for organic superconductors

Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros
Institut für Theoretische Physik, J.W. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Tel.: +49-69-798-47818
Fax: +49-69-798-47832
E-mail: gros07(at)

The project intends to explore the phase diagram of -phase (BEDT-TTF)2X charge-transfer salts, especially the occurrence of superconductivity arising at the borderline between the metallic state and the Mott-Hubbard insulator. We will employ the renormalised mean-field theory and the variational Monte-Carlo approach within the RVB-Gutzwiller framework.

This project will be performed in close contact with the experimental studies in project Lang (B6) on organic superconductors and will profit from the ab initio-derived parameters in Jeschke/Valentí (B2). We envision collaborations with the projects Bloch (A1) with respect to ultracold fermions on a lattice, with Hofstetter (A3) as regards to the Gutzwiller methodology. We plan to provide theoretical support for the interpretation of photoemission studies in Aeschlimann/Felser/Schönhense (B8) and for the study of the Mott transition in the layered charge-transfer salts by Huth (B9).