Research Fields

Nature – Society – Visuality and New Regional Geography

In both of my major research fields I seek to integrate scholarly spatial theories and educational questions concerning the communication and transfer of space-related knowledge. This focus originates from my previous work on processes of everyday regionalization and the constitution of space in everyday language use.

My research focus on relations of society and nature is strongly connected with the broader research area Nature – Society – Visuality. In a praxeological perspective I am concerned with the visual constitution of (nature-) space and places, its social conditions and implications. Against this background I elaborate didactical concepts for critical-reflexive visual competences.

Within the scope of the field “New Regional Geography / Concepts of space in educational practice” together with Roger Baars I study the everyday linguistic and discursive reality of regions and their borders in political practices (DFG-project on spatial concepts in political discourse: the case of Central Germany).