Vacancies and Topics

Topics for Bachelor and Master theses                                                 12/2019

  • Beam development with a proton ion source, magnetic lens and emittance meter

          (beam experiments and measurements in house)

  • Investigation of novel type drift tube accelerators 1

          (Simulations on ion beams  moving in internal and external electromagnetic fields)

  • Investigation of novel type drift tube accelerators 2

          (Development of magnetic focusing elements and cavity integration)

  • Cavity layout and optimization of RF features

          (Realization of multi-cell accelerating structures for a reasonable range of RF frequencies)

  • Beam diagnostics 1

          (Optical diagnostics by minicameras at the IAP neutron generator FRANZ)

  • Beam diagnostics 2

          (Improvement of the 4 – dimensional  beam emittance measurement)

Topics for Doctoral theses

  • Development of beam dynamics simulation tools
  • Beam dynamics simulations for multicell accelerator layouts
  • New cavity RF drive concepts
  • Investigation of new linear accelerator applications
  • Improvements in medical ion linac efficiency
  • Beam development and intense beam measurements at IAP and at related accelerator laboratories

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