Jun.Prof. Dr. Elsa Clavé

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Sprechstunde: On research leave for 2018-2019 at Harvard Asia Center

Accept students on topics related to Southeast Asian history, Islam, Gender, Conflicts, Nationalism, Social movements, Malay manuscripts, Indonesian/Malaysian/Philippine Literature  

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Ph.D. History, EHESS (2013); Advanced Degree in Filipino Inalco (2007); M. Phil History, EHESS (2005), MA Indonesian, Inalco (2004), MA French Literature, Sorbonne (2003)


Since 2015        Junior professor in Southeast Asian Studies, Goethe University, FRANKFURT

Since 2014        Research Associate centre for Southeast Asian Studies (CASE), CNRS/EHESS, Paris



  • Social and cultural history
  • History of Islam
  • Expression of dissidence

Regional focus

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia

Focus on current research

  • Authority in Muslim polities: representing authority of the Malay sultans (18th-20th)
  • Contestation of territory and conflict in the Philippines
  • The making of public history in Southeast Asia (with Kathy Wellen, KITLV and Maiitri Aung-Thwin, NUS)
  • Social movements in Insular Southeast Asia

Collaborative programs

2016-2018      Program Autoritas: Authority and esthetic in Southeast Asia

                       Topic: Esthetic at the court of the Malay sultanates

                       Paris Sciences Literature (PSL), PARIS

2013-2018      Cluster Elites in Southeast Asia

                       Centre for Southeast Asian Studies (CASE), PARIS

2005-2006      Natural hazard and social sciences

                       Tsunarisque program, http://www.tsunarisque.cnrs.fr/

Field research in Aceh on Acehnese conflict and society, ethnicity and natural disaster, religion, reconstruction.

National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), PARIS


Authored book 

2016               La malayisation du Sud philippin : l’islam dans le prisme culturel Paris: 
                      EFEO. (forthcoming)

Edited book

2015               La parole libérée. Témoignages de victimes des massacres de 1965-1966
                      en Indonésie
, Paris: Réseau Indonésie, 123 p.

Book chapters

2016               “On the Footsteps of Islam in the Philippines: Islamic Epigraphy, Chinese
                       Trade and Exchange and Networks in Southeast Asia”, in I. Donoso
                       (ed.), More Islamic than we Admit, Manila : Vibal Foundation, 17 p.

2016              “Heroines, Forgotten, and Silenced Fighters: Insights into Women
                      Combatants' History in Aceh”, in  T. Rettig and V. Lanzona (ed.), Women 
                      warriors in Southeast Asia
, London: Routledge.

2016                « Jalons pour une histoire du théâtre indonésien moderne », in R.
                       Madinier (éd.), Indonésie contemporaine, Bangkok/Paris : IRASEC.

2011               Gaillard J.C., Clavé E. and al.
« Acihais, Minangkabaus et Simeulues : trois ethnies face à la catastrophe du               
                      26 décembre 2004 », in F. Lavigne et F. Paris (éd.), Tsunarisque, Paris :
                      Publications de la Sorbonne, 177-199

2011               « Aceh et sa récente histoire politique et sociale : les déséquilibres et les
                      tensions de la province à la veille du tsunami » in F.Lavigne and R. Paris
                      (ed.), Tsunarisque, Paris : Publications de la Sorbonne, 199-212.

Peer-reviewed articles

2016                   « Le livre et le fusil. Eduquer pour contrôler ou l’échec de la politique 
                      éducative américaine à Sulu à travers l’exemple de la princesse Haja Tarhata
                      Kiram (1904-1979) », Clio. Femme, genre, histoire.15 p. (submitted)

2016               « Lignées et légitimité au sein du sultanat de Magindanao, Philippines, XVIe-
                      XVIIIe », Péninsule 71, 22 p.

2014              “Silenced Fighters: An insight into Women Combatants History in
                      Aceh”, Archipel 87, Special issue on Aceh, 273-306.
                      [extended version, with a deeper historical perspective, of  the book chapter
                      “Heroines, Forgotten, and Silenced Fighters: Insights into Women Combatants'
                      History in Aceh”.]

2008               Gaillard, J.C., Clavé, E., Kelman, I., “Wave of Peace, Tsunami
                      Disaster Diplomacy in Aceh, Indonesia”, Geoforum 39 (1): 511-
                      526.  [Contribution : Political history of Aceh in the 20th]

2006               « Artaud et le théâtre balinais », Revue d’histoire du théâtre, 2006-2, pp. 125-

Dictionary entries

2013               “Women Historians in the Philippines”, “Women Journalists
                       in the Philippines”,  Several other entries on Indonesian
                       writers and dancers [In French], in Dictionnaire universel des
                       femmes créatrices
, Paris: Des femmes.

Other publications

2016               “The International People Tribunal on 1965”, with Andy Fuller, Inside

2014                « Goûter les Philippines…à Sulu », Special issue on Food in Southeast
                        Asia,   Lettre de l’Afrase, Spring 2014, 9-11.

2009                « Sainteté et Islam à Sulu », Lettre de l’Afrase, Spring 2009 : 15-  17.

2008                “Images of the Past, Realities of the Present, the Acehnese Inong Balee”, 
                       IIAS Newsletter
, 48:10-11.

2006                « Religion et reconstruction à Aceh », Lettre de l’Afrase, Spring 2006 : 13- 14.

2005                « La schizophrénie de l’islam indonésien », Interview of Rémy Madinier
                       (CNRS),  Cahiers de l’Orient, 78 : 41-46.

Book reviews

2015               Philippines contemporaine, William Guéraiche (dir.), Bangkok,
                      Irasec  [In French] (Lettre de l’Afrase, Autumn 2014) 
                      [in English] (BKI, 2015)

2012               Falling into the Lesbi World: Desire and Difference in Indonesia,
                      Evelyn Blackwood, Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press
                      [in French] (Genre, sexualité & société 8)

2009               The Future in the Balance, Essays on Globalization and
, Walden Bello, Quezon City, UP Press, 2001,
                      xx-312 p. [In French] (Péninsule 58, 2009, 50-53)

 —                  The Many Ways of Being Muslim: Fiction by Muslim Filipino,
                      Coeli Barry (ed.), Cornell University/Anvil Press, 2008, 216 p.
                      [In French] (Archipel 78, 2009, 260-261)

General audience

2012               Dictionnaire insolite de l’Indonésie, Paris : Cosmopole, (1st edition in 2010,
                      6 000 ex.), 172 p.


2014               « En attendant maman », Jentayu 1, Journal on Southeast Asian Literature,
                      Autumn 2014.

2006               The frog-man, co-translator and co-editor with Azhari Ayub, Banda Aceh: 
                      Comité du Livre/ Komunitas Tikar Pandan.

2005               « Le déluge » [Indonesian short-story in French], with Jacqueline Camus, Le
0, Journal on Indonesian Literature, 2005



  • Classical Malay II: war and diplomacy, Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Summer 2016
  • Representation, conception and contestation of territory in the Philippines, Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Summer 2016
  • Classical Malay I: scripture and culture Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Winter 2015
  • Social History of the Philippines, Royal Fine Arts University, PHNOM PENH, Winter 2015
  • Politics of Identity in Southeast Asia Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Summer 2015
  • Methodology of Research, Royal Fine Arts University, PHNOM PENH, Summer 2015
  • Translation of Indonesian Texts, Inalco, PARIS, Winter 2011


  • Politics and Literature in Indonesia, Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Winter 2015
  • State and ethnic minorities, Goethe University, FRANKFURT, Summer 2015
  • Modern Southeast Asian History, University Paris Diderot, PARIS, Winter 2014
  • History of Non-European Societies, University Paris Diderot, PARIS, Winter 2013
  • Historiography, University Paris Diderot, PARIS, Winter 2013
  • Epistemology in Social Sciences, Royal Fine Arts University, PHNOM PENH, Summer 2013
  • History of Indonesian Press, Inalco, PARIS, Winter 2011
  • Methodology of Research, Inalco, PARIS, Winter 2011
  • Islam in the Philippines (15th-20th), Inalco, PARIS, since 2008