Seminar on Aspects of Quantum Matter Theory

Im Sommersemester 2023 findet das Arbeitsgruppenseminar donnerstags von 14:00 bis 16:15 im Seminarraum 2.114 statt. Im Seminar diskutieren wir Forschungsergebnisse unserer Arbeitsgruppe, sowie neue Veröffentlichungen und Entwicklungen in folgenden Themenbereichen: Ultrakalte Quantengase, Quantensimulation, Quantencomputing, Quantenoptik, und Quantenvielteilchensysteme. Interessierte Studierende sind herzlich willkommen, am Seminar teilzunehmen!

Our group seminar takes place every Thursday from 14:00 to 16:15 in room 2.114. Each seminar is devoted to presenting and discussing our recent research work, as well as recent publications and developments in the fields of ultracold gases, quantum optics, quantum simulation and quantum many-body systems. Interested students are very welcome to attend the seminar.

Please do not confuse our group seminar with the "Condensed Matter Theory Seminar", which is held each Friday at 15:15 in room 1.114.

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Summer Semester 2024

18/04/24 Renan da Silva Souza Tree-level approximation to the disordered Bose-Hubbard model
25/04/24 Bastian Schindler Bosonic Dynamical Mean Field Theory with Disorder
02/05/24 Daniel Samoylov Chern Number for the Haldane Model
16/05/24 Renan da Silva Souza Perturbation expansions for non-interacting bosons in random lattices
23/05/24 Bastian & Renan Progress on our ongoing projects: RBDMFT with disorder and cavity-RDMFT
13/06/24 Renan da Silva Souza DPG meeting review
20/06/24 Bastian Schindler
27/06/24 Walter Hofstetter
04/07/24 Renan da Silva Souza
11/07/24 Daniel Samoylov
18/07/24 Ibrahim Furkan Kaya

Winter Semester 2023/2024

19/10/23 Youjiang Xu Beyond Landau-Zener: Adiabatic transition rate in a multilevel system without avoided crossing
26/10/23 Renan da Silva Souza Cavity mediated long-range interactions in quantum gases
16/11/23 Arijit Dutta The auxiliary master equation approach to DMFT: formulation of the impurity problem in super-operator space
23/11/23 Youjiang Xu Maxwell’s Demon Walks into Wall Street: Stochastic Thermodynamics Meets Expected Utility Theory
30/11/23 Renan da Silva Souza Strong-coupling Expansiton for Bose and Fermi Hubbard Models
07/12/23 Renan, Teodora, Youjiang (cont.)Strong-coupling Expansiton for Bose and Fermi Hubbard Models, progress report
14/12/23 Youjiang Xu (cont.)Maxwell’s Demon Walks into Wall Street: Stochastic Thermodynamics Meets Expected Utility Theory, progress report
21/12/23 Teodora & Renan Progress discussions
11/01/23 Renan da Silva Souza Collective Excitations of Quantum Gases in Driven-dissipative Cavity Systems
18/01/24 Teodora Niculae Berry phase and the modern theory of polarization
25/01/24 Youjiang Xu Introduction to GPU RDMFT
01/02/24 Teodora Niculae
08/02/24 Renan da Silva Souza

Summer Semester 2023

13/04/23 Youjiang Xu Status report: Topology in Quasicrystalline Kapit-Mueller Model
20/04/23 Arijit Dutta Laughlin charge pump and edge state winding in the AFAI phase
27/04/23 Youjiang Xu Topology in 2D Floquet system
04/05/23 Arijit Dutta (cont.) Laughlin charge pump and edge state winding in the AFAI phase
11/05/23 Efe Sen High-frequency approximation in Floquet systems
25/05/23 Youjiang Xu Geometric interpretation and interpolation of many-body fermionic product states
01/06/23 Renan da Silva Souza Ultracold Bosons in Random Lattice Potentials
15/06/23 Arijit Dutta Status update - AFAI
22/06/23 Renan da Silva Souza Dicke Transition in Open Many-Body Systems Determined by Fluctuation Effects
29/06/23 Efe Sen Status report & Real-space detection and manipulation of topological edge modes with ultracold atoms
06/07/23 Arijit Dutta Real-space Floquet DMFT with the auxilary master equation solver
13/07/23 Youjiang Xu Status update - Topology in Quasicrystal

Winter Semester 2022/2023

10/02/23 Youjiang Xu Status report: Migrating GPU-RDMFT code from GoetheHLR to JUWELS
19/01/23 Arijit Dutta Status report: The periodically driven topological Falicov-Kimball model within DMFT
08/12/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Status report: The Anderson-Haldane-Hubbard model
17/11/22 Youjiang Xu Journal club: Topological pumping in a finite-size system
10/11/22 Arijit Dutta Journal club: Broyden's method for solving self-consistent equations and its implementation within DMFT
03/11/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Status report
27/10/22 Youjiang Xu Status report; The DPG meeting review
20/10/22 Arijit Dutta Status report; The DPG meeting review

Summer Semester 2022

14/07/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Status report
  Youjiang Xu Journal club: An introduction of topological states in quasicrystals
07/07/22 Arijit Dutta Status report
  Teodora Niculae Journal club: Encoding of Matrix Product States into Quantum Circuits of One- and Two-Qubit Gates
30/06/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Metal-insulator transition in the disordered Hubbard model of the Lieb lattice
23/06/22 Arijit Dutta Journal club: Probing finite-temperature observables in quantum simulators with short-time dynamics
09/06/22 Youjiang Xu Status report: generalizing the single-site DMFT to approximate non-local self-energy by 1/d expansion
02/06/22 Youjiang Xu Journal club: Imaging tunable quantum Hall broken-symmetry orders in graphene
19/05/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Bosonic Bott Index and Disorder-Induced Topological Transitions of Magnons
12/05/22 Arijit Dutta ; Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Breakdown of quantisation in a Hubbard-Thouless pump ; Breakdown of topological Thouless pumping in the strongly interacting regime ; Splitting of topological charge pumping in an interacting two-component fermionic Rice-Mele Hubbard model
05/05/22 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Phase diagram of superconductivity in the integer quantum Hall regime
  Youjiang Xu Journal club: Spectral functions of the half-filled 1D Hubbard chain within the exchange-correlation potential formalism
28/04/22 Morad Ebrahimkhas Status report
  Teodora Niculae Status report
21/04/22 Arijit Dutta Journal club: Topological Frequency Conversion in Strongly Driven Quantum Systems
  Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Accessing the topological Mott insulator in cold atom quantum simulators with realistic Rydberg dressing
14/04/22 Irakli Titvinidze Hubbard model on the kagome lattice with time-reversal invariant flux and spin-orbit coupling ; Spin-orbit coupling in the kagome lattice with flux and time-reversal symmetry

Winter Semester 2021/2022

17/02/22 Arijit Dutta Journal club: Anomalous Floquet-Anderson Insulator as a Nonadiabatic Quantized Charge Pump
10/02/22 Urs Gebert Journal club: Realising the Symmetry-Protected Haldane Phase in Fermi-Hubbard Ladders
03/02/22 Youjiang Xu "Invisible Flat Bands on a Topological Chiral Edge"
27/01/22 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Blackbody-radiation-induced facilitated excitation of Rydberg atoms in optical tweezers
  Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Connecting topological Anderson and Mott insulators in disordered interacting fermionic systems
20/01/22 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Magnetic correlations around the Mott transition in the Kagomé lattice Hubbard model
13/01/22 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Self-generated quantum gauge fields in arrays of Rydberg atoms
16/12/21 Youjiang Xu Journal club: Discovering hydrodynamic equations of many-body quantum systems
09/12/21 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Dynamical mean-field theory of correlated hopping: A rigorous local approach
  Urs Gebert Journal club: Observation of Dislocation-Induced Topological Modes in a Three-Dimensional Acoustic Topological Insulator
02/12/21 Arijit Dutta Journal club: Floquet Engineering Correlated Materials with Unpolarized Light
  Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Interplay of interactions, disorder, and topology in the Haldane-Hubbard model
25/11/21 Irakli Titvinidze "Falicov-Kimball model with Density dependent Peierls phase: DMFT study"
18/11/21 Arijit Dutta "Falicov-Kimball model with Density dependent Peierls phase: QMC study"
  Youjiang Xu "Emergent chiral symmetry and domain-wall states in quantum Hall ferromagnets formed by topological flat band with Hubbard interaction"
11/11/21 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Competition and interplay between topology and quasi-periodic disorder in Thouless pumping of ultracold atoms
  Morad Ebrahimkhas "Emergence of antiferromagnetic Chern insulator in a centrosymmetric time-reversal-invariant system"
04/11/21 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Local vs non-local correlation effects in interacting quantum spin Hall insulators
28/10/21 Youjiang Xu Status report
  Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Controlling quantum many-body dynamics in driven Rydberg atom arrays
21/10/21 Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Temperature-Driven Gapless Topological Insulator ; Extended Falicov-Kimball model: Exact solution for finite temperatures ; Extended Falicov–Kimball model: Exact solution for the ground state ;
  Arijit Dutta Journal club: Measurement of Spin Chern Numbers in Quantum Simulated Topological Insulators

Summer Semester 2021

15/07/21 Morad Ebrahimkhas Journal club: Higher-order topological insulators in a magnetic field
  Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Dynamical Cluster Approximation Study of Electron Localization in the Extended Hubbard Model
08/07/21 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Topologically protected edge states in small Rydberg systems ; Charge Excitation Dynamics in Bosonic Fractional Chern Insulators
  Arijut Dutta Journal club: Double-Exchange Interaction in Optically Induced Nonequilibrium State: A Conversion from Ferromagnetic to Antiferromagnetic Structure
01/07/21 Youjiang Xu "An introduction to the restructured R-DMFT code"
  Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Observation of a symmetry-protected topological phase of interacting bosons with Rydberg atoms ; Realization of a Density-Dependent Peierls Phase in a Synthetic, Spin-Orbit Coupled Rydberg System
24/06/21 Arijit Dutta "Nonequilibrium transport and dynamics in Mott insulators II"
  Morad Ebrahimkhas AF-Chern insulator in time-reversal-invariant Harper-Hofstadter-Hubbard model
17/06/21 Martina Jung Journal club: A learning algorithm with emergent scaling behavior for classifying phase transitions
10/06/21 Arijit Dutta "Nonequilibrium transport and dynamics in Mott insulators"
  Mathieu Barbier Status update
27/05/21 Youjiang Xu "Building Flat-band Models via Gram Matrices"
  Urs Gebert Journal club: Photoinduced anomalous Hall effect in the interacting Haldane model: targeting topological states with pump pulses
20/05/21 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Simulating a ring-like Hubbard system with a quantum computer
06/05/21 Youjiang Xu "Realizing Multicriticality in Generalized Dicke Models "
  Martina Jung Journal club: Transverse spin dynamics in the anisotropic Heisenberg model realized with ultracold atoms.
29/04/21 Mathieu Barbier Test talk
  Urs Gebert Journal club: Short introduction to topological quantum computing.
22/04/21 Irakli Titvinidze Status update
  Morad Ebrahimkkhas Journal club: Mott insulating states with competing orders in the triangular lattice Hubbard model
15/04/21 Michael Pasek Tutorial: "Introduction to the Git version control system"
  Irakli Titvinidze "Falicov-Kimball model with Density dependent Peierls phase"

Winter Semester 2020/2021

18/02/21 Urs Gebert  Status report 
  Michael Pasek / Jan Lennart Bönsel Status report 
11/02/21 Urs Gebert  Journal club: Microscopy of the interacting Harper-Hofstetter model in the two-body limit
  Irakli Titvinidze  Journal club: Realization of density-dependent Peierls phases to engineer quantized gauge fields coupled to ultracold matter
04/02/21 Jan Lennart Bönsel Journal club: Mixed-State Entanglement from Local Randomized Measurements
  Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Quantum phases of Rydberg atoms on a kagome lattice part-2
28/01/21 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Quantum phases of Rydberg atoms on a kagome lattice part-1
  Morad Ebrahimkkhas "Anti-ferromagnetic Chern insulator in time-reversal- invariant Harper-Hofstadter-Hubbard model"
21/01/21 Irakli Titvinidze "An Introduction to the Numerical Renormalization Group"
  Jan Lennart Bönsel Status report
14/01/21 Michael Pasek Status report
  Martina Jung Status report
17/12/20 Morad Ebrahimkkhas Journal club: Landau levels in quasicrystals
  Michael Pasek Status report 
10/12/20 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Quench Dynamics of a Fermi Gas with Strong Long-Range Interactions
03/12/20 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Topological states on the breathing Kagome lattice
  Tobias Raum Status report
26/22/20 Michael Pasek Journal club: The Mott transition as a topological phase transition
  Martina Jung Status report
19/11/20 Tobias Raum Journal club: Generalized bulk–boundary correspondence in non-Hermitian topolectrical circuits
  Bernhard Irsigler Journal club: Simulating Twistronics without a Twist
12/11/20 Mathieu Barbier Status report 
  Morad Ebrahimkkhas "Lattice symmetry and emergence of antiferromagnetic quantum Hall states" 
05/11/20 Daniel Wessel  "Robust Generation of Entanglement for Stabilization of the Quantum Computing Platform"
  Irakli Titvinidze Status report

Summer Semester 2020

02/07/20 Urs Gebert Journal club: Many-Body Topological and Skin States without Open Boundaries
  Tobias Raum Status report
25/06/20 Maarten Grorhus Status report
18/06/20 Irakli Titvinidze Status report 
  Michael Pasek Journal club: Observation of Bose–Einstein condensates in an Earth-orbiting research lab
28/05/20 Tobias Raum Journal club: The European Quantum Technologies Roadmap
  Henrik Luetjeharms Status report and journal club: How to read a paper
14/05/20 Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Dynamics of ultracold quantum gases in the dissipative Fermi–Hubbard model 
  Maarten Grorhus Journal club: Topological insulator laser: Theory

Michael Pasek

Journal club: Local Entanglement Entropy and Mutual Information across the Mott Transition in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model

Henrik Luetjeharms

Journal club: Quantum phases of dipolar bosons in optical lattices
30/04/20 Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Many-body topological invariants from randomized measurements in synthetic quantum matter
  Jan Lennart Bönsel Journal club: Topological characterization of periodically driven quantum systems
23/04/20 Bernhard Irsigler  Journal club: Nonlocal annihilation of Weyl fermions in correlated systems 
  Mathieu Barbier Status report

Winter Semester 2019/2020




 Irakli Titvinidze

Talk for APS-meeting
  Bernhard Irsigler Journal club: Quantum-classical simulation of two-site dynamical mean-field theory on noisy quantum hardware


Mathieu Barbier Status report
  Michael Pasek Journal club: Topological field theory of time-reversal invariant insulators


Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Topological Transition in a Non-Hermitian Quantum Walk


Jan Lennart Bönsel Status report


Mathieu Barbier Journal club: Density wave and supersolid phases of correlated bosons an optical lattice and Quantum phases from competing short- long-range interactions in an optical lattice


Jaromir Panas Status report

Michael Pasek

Status report


Irakli Titvinidze Journal club: Bond formation effects on the metal-insulator transition in the half-filled kagome Hubbard model


Jaromir Panas Journal club: Competing ground states of strongly correlated bosons in the Harper-Hofstadter-Mott model  and Bosonic quantum Hall states in single-layer two-dimensional optical lattices 


Michael Pasek Status report and Journal club: Many-Body Delocalization in the Presence of a Quantum Bath


Bernhard Irsigler Talk for Task-force meeting

Jan Lennart Bönsel

Journal club: To catch and reverse a quantum jump mid-flight



Mathieu Barbier

Status report

Urs Gebert

Journal club: Quantum-Chaos challenges Many-Body-Localization

Jaromir Panas

Status report

Mohsen Hafez-Torbati

Status report

Bernhard Irsigler

Journal club: Observation of nodal-line semimetal with ultracold fermions in an optical lattice