"Yes, we are now in a digital age, to whatever degree our culture, infrastructure, and economy (in that order) allow us. But the really surprising changes will be elsewhere, in our lifestyle and how we collectively manage ourselves on this planet."*

Geographische Bildung und Digitalität

Ich forsche zum Lernen mit Geoinformationstechnologie und digitalen Geomedien in Schule, Hochschule und Gesellschaft, an der Schnittstelle von Geographie, Bildung, Lehrkräfteausbildung und Kompetenzorientierung. Mein Wirkungsfeld im engeren Sinne ist seit jeher das, was wir heute als digitale Geographie(n) sowie digitale Hochschulbildung bezeichnen. Mein Lehrportfolio umfasst verschiedene grundlegende, aber auch methodisch-anwendungsbezogene Veranstaltungen in den Bereichen Fach- und Mediendidaktik, Räumliche Sozialisation und Schule, Umweltbildung und Geographie der Differenzen sowie Service Learning. Zusätzlich bin ich in der Hochschuldidaktik und der Lehrkräftefortbildung tätig.

"Terabit access, petahertz processors, planetary networks, and disk drives on the heads of pins will be ... they'll just be. Face it - the Digital Revolution is over."*

Geospatial Technology and Education – Facing the Digital Condition

I am a research associate (postdoc, PhD) at the Department of Human Geography at Goethe-University Frankfurt. In my research, I focus teaching and learning with geospatial technology in higher education and for teacher education and training, spatial citizenship education, geomedia pedagogy, and curriculum development. My teaching is related to geographic information science and systems, digital geomedia, and geographical and spatial thinking and reasoning. These fields are connected to my interests in urban development and e-participation in line with spatial socialisation of children and youth in the light of current (geo-)media environments. I have experience from years of active academic teaching in various settings in- and outside the lecture hall following contructivist teaching approaches such as problem-based learning (PBL), biography-related learning, experiental learning and service-learning.

* Negroponte, Dec 1, 1998, Wired.Com

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