Sabrina Vetter

Sabrina Vetter studied English and American Studies at the Goethe-University, Frankfurt a.M. She graduated in 2011 with her M.A.-thesis titled "The Riot Grrrl Movement", dealing with feminism and gender performativity in the American music scene of the early 90s. Since 2013, she is a PhD candidate at the Goethe-University. Her project is concerned with concepts of erotica and pornography in Anglophone literature, film and art. 

Field of Research    

Gender studies, English and American literary and cultural studies, Anglophone literature, film and art. 

Teaching experience    

"Love, Sex and the Construction of Gender in Contemporary Literature". WS 12/13. Technische Universität Darmstadt.


EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies), GRADE (Goethe Graduate Academy)

PhD project    

"The Aesthetic Obscene: Medium, Power and the Aesthetics of Pornography and Erotica in a Globalized World" (Supervisor: PD Dr. Sissy Helff)


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