Dissertationen in der AG Mesoskalige Meteorologie und Klima

Catalog of the group’s submitted PhD theses:

Trang van Pham (2019) The consideration of North and Baltic Seas in regional climate modelling with the coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice model COSMO-CLM/NEMO

Naveed Akhtar (2018) Climate Modeling over the Mediterranean Sea: Impact of Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling and Atmospheric Grid Resolution on Sea Surface Heat Fluxes, Medicanes, and Vb Cyclones

Anika Obermann-Hellhund (2017) Mistral and Tramontane: Simulation of Mesoscale Winds in Regional Climate Models

Uwe Pfeifroth (2016) The Diurnal Cycle of Clouds and Precipitation: An Evaluation of Multiple Data Sources

Pratibha Warwade (2016) Study of climate change and its impact on a part of Brahmaputra River (with Profs. A. Pandey and N. Sharma, IIT Roorkee)

Christoph Menz (2016) Entwicklung von regionalen Klimasimulationen für CORDEX--Ostasien auf Basis eines physikalisch dynamischen und eines statistischen Regionalmodells

Shakeel Asharaf (2016) Land-Atmosphere Feedbacks in Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: A Regional Climate Modelling Perspective

Julian Tödter (2015) Nonlinear High-Dimensional Data Assimilation

Megnath Dhimal (2014) Effects of climatic and non-climatic factors on the spatiotemporal distributions of vector-borne diseases in Nepal

Hui Tang (2013) The spatio-temporal evolution of the Asian monsoon climate in the Late Miocene and its causes: A regional climate model study

Stefan Kraehenmann (2013) Gridding of station observations by means of hybrid interpolation 

Steffen Kothe (2012) The radiation budget in a regional climate model

Andreas Dobler (2011) Downscaling of general circulation models in two alpine regions: The European Alps and the Himalayas