I study or already have a bachelor degree in […]. Can I apply for the master program Molecular Medicine?

Students with a bachelor degree in molecular medicine or biomedicine obtained from a German university (or a degree in human medicine) are eligible for the master program Molecular Medicine. For all other bachelor degrees the equivalency to a bachelor degree in molecular medicine is a prerequisite for admission and will be assessed after application. Please do not inquire beforehand.

What documents are required for application?

  • If you are not already enrolled at Goethe-University Frankfurt:
    university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • If the Bachelor degree has not yet been completed:
    a transcript of records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
  • certificate of English language skills
  • Declaration of examination claim (Download in the online application portal or here)
  • If the first degree was obtained at an international higher education institution:
    certificate of German language skills. See here for more information about the required German language skills.

You may need to submit other documents depending on your country of origin and your previous education; please see the general information about applying for a Master degree.

Do I need to provide documents as certified copies, originals or standard copies?

Applicants with a Bachelor degree obtained from a German university: all documents can be scanned and submitted online only. It is not necessary to submit any documents via postal service.

Applicants with a Bachelor degree obtained from an international higher education institution: all documents need to be submitted via postal service as certified copies (no standard copies, no originals). Please follow the guidelines provided in the application portal.

Do I have to provide certificates with my grades transcribed into the German system?

No, it is not necessary to provide grades transcribed into the German system.

I am in the last semester of my bachelor program and have less than 144 CPs. Can I apply for Molecular Medicine?

No, a minimum of 144 CP is sufficient to (provisionally) enroll in the master program.

What are the language requirements?

English: European language level B1

German: European language level C1 for application and level C2 (DSH exam) for admission.

Which certificates do you accept as a proof of my proficiency in English?

  • high school diploma (A-levels diploma), or
  •  corresponding high school certificates and transcripts rated no lower than "adequate" (4.0), or
  • certification of classes in English 5 years, or
  • certification of successfully completed language courses (with at least 120 proven hours of instruction time) from a German and/or or foreign university, or
  • lecturers (or other experts) report on language proficiency acquired through international residency, university language courses, or self-study; or

other certificate recognized as equivalent by the selection committee

Which certificates do you accept as a proof of my proficiency in German?

  • TestDaF with 4 TDN in all test components
  • Goethe-Zertifikat C2
  • KMK-Prüfung: Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe II (DSD II), Level C1 in all test components
  • DSH with a DSH-2 result

More information about German language proficiency and DSH

Can I hand in the DSH certificate later or do I have to submit it latest at the application deadline?

For application a certificate proving German language level C1 is sufficient. The DSH certificate is strictly necessary for admission.

Is a TOEFL test mandatory?

No. Please see also: “Which certificates do you accept as a proof of my proficiency in English?“

Where can I apply?

Application is possible only via the online portal:

Master online application portal (German)
Master online application portal (English)

To whom do I send my documents?

Please follow the directions given on the online portal (uni-assist). If hard copies of your documents are required, you need to send them to uni-assist. Any documents sent to the Institute of Molecular Medicine will be disregarded.

What are the different steps of the application procedure?

Application is a two step procedure consisting of the written application and a local assessment. If the applicant’s academic qualifications meet the requirements, he/she will be invited for an assessment of skills and knowledge including an interview and a brief written test.

When do I get noticed about the decision on an invitation for an interview?

Approximately three to four weeks after the application deadline.

How long does the interview take?

Approximately 30 minutes.

How is the interview and the written test structured?

Initially, the candidate shortly presents the Bachelor thesis. The following interview and the written test examine the existing and essential knowledge in subjects such as biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and physiology.

I cannot make it for the interview. Can I get an alternative appointment or an interview via skype?

Unfortunately not.

How can I prepare for the interview?

You will be asked to prepare a 5 min concise presentation of your Bachelor thesis in English and a one paged hand-out about your thesis. Besides that no special preparation is recommended.

Which institutes contribute to teaching?

The master program Molecular Medicine is offered by the Faculty of Medicine of the Goethe-University. Main contributors are the Georg Speyer Haus, the Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration, the Institute for Molecular Medicine, the Institute for Vascular Signaling and the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research.

Is it possible to continue with a doctoral program after graduating from the master in molecular medicine?

There does not exist a specific doctoral program in Molecular Medicine yet. Graduates from the Master program Molecular Medicine are of course eligible to apply as Ph.D. students at all research laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine.

Is the master program Molecular Medicine accredited?

Yes, it is fully accredited.

I did not find the information I was looking for on this website. How can I get more information?

You can contact the following institutions with your questions: