Theoretical and Methodological Approaches

Related Discourses, Practices, and Institutions in Japan and China

Empirical Studies in Historical Perspective

A Selected Bibliography of Protecting the Weak in East Asia, Past and Present

This online bibliography introduces literature of relevance to the topic of our project “Protecting the Weak: Entangled Processes of Framing, Mobilization, and Institutionalization in East Asia.” In line with the general approach of our project, we cover key theoretical concepts as well as literature on relevant discourses, practices, and institutions, many of which are still underexplored in scholarship. Moreover, the bibliography includes literature related to the four empirical case-studies Disaster Victims, Cultural Heritage, Employee Well-Being, and Animal Welfare that lay at the heart of our project. The bibliography covers contemporary as well as historical scholarship and is not confined to literature dealing with East Asia, but seeks to provide a comprehensive overview that allows for interdisciplinary use. The bibliography is intended as a starting point for interested scholars working on related topics and is therefore not exhaustive. However, in bringing together the expertise of our project members who work on a broad range of relevant topics in both Japan and China, we hope to contribute to the further scholarly exploration of the “Protection of the Weak” in East Asia.

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