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Abraham Ecchellensis (Ibrāhīm al-Ḥaqilanī, d. 1605–64), the Maronite Catholic scholar of Arabic literature in Rome and Paris, translated an Arabic philosophical work into Latin which he rendered its title as Speculum mundum repraesentans. The title of this Arabic text was Jām-i gītī-numā (The World-Revealing Cup). Unlike the text itself, the title was in Persian. To Ecchellensis, the work remained anonymous. Speculating on its title, he proposed that the work might have been originally in Persian. Nevertheless, he describes it as the “Arab wisdom” coming from the land in which Christianity had originated. It is now clear to us that the work was originally in Persian and it was composed by Mīr Ḥusayn Maybudī (d. 1503–4) in 1491 or 1492. This project deals particularly with the Islamic philosophical ideas transmitted to Europe by means of this translation.