Christian Muslim Relations (CMR1900)

The CMR1900 Project

The staff of the Chair of Religious Studies, under the direction of Catherina Wenzel, supports the editorial team of the project "Historical Bibliography of Christian-Muslim Relations, 1500-1914" (CMR 1900) of the University of Birmingham as Section Editor. We are currently working on the conception and realisation of the volume: 'Germany and Austro-Hungary' in the 19th century.   


The project wants to make accessible in a lexical form (alphabetically) authors and works that have contributed in a broad sense to the mutual perception of Christians and Muslims, as well as of forms of knowledge during the long 19th century up to the First World War. Theological questions, religious practices (mission; polemics), ethnographic descriptions, literature as well as scientific treatises or translations play a role. Additional cluster entries are planned to be able to present the various fields in which these debates take place in a scientific-historical context.

We are writing to many colleagues and contributors who we are trying to win over for individual contributions based on their expertise. Ultimately, we will provide an essential research tool that documents the manifold forms of encounter and forms of knowledge as comprehensively as possible.