Research and Documentation Platform for Academic Legacies of German and International Researchers in African Languages

The Oswin Köhler Archive contains the complete academic legacy of Oswin R. A. Köhler (1911–1996) as well as parts of the academic legacies of other scholars of African languages. The archive is the central research and documentation platform for studies in African languages at the Goethe University. The custody and valorization of these academic legacies offers the opportunity of critically investigating the research history of German Afrikanistik which in large parts is still a desideratum.


Oswin R. A. Köhler (1911-1996)
August Klingenheben (1886-1967)        
Heinz Sölken (1912-1980)
Otto Rößler (1907-1991)
Franz Rottland (1934-2014)
R.M.R. Hall (1927-1996)
Werner Vycichl (1909-1999)
Alfred Jungraithmayr (1933-2016)


Oswin Köhler at work in the Dikundu research camp in Namibia