International Teacher Education

International Teacher Education

Information for German and International Schools Abroad

You would like to get to know our future teachers while they are still studying, and recruit them for upcoming internships in your school? Then this is where you get all the necessary information!

We will answer your questions on how you can cooperate with the Goethe-University.

What kinds of work are the Department of International Teacher Education of the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education doing?

Your contact for internships abroad is Mr. Haenssig (see 'Kontakt' - also on the right) - he is looking forward to your inquiry and possible cooperation.


International Teacher Education

We believe that it is important to compare teacher education worldwide. In order to promote the exchange of ideas with internationally acknowledged experts in subject didactics and educational research, we aspire to internationalise our research across domains by focussing on topics of global relevance. In cooperation with our international partner universities, we aim to realise ample exchange possibilities for our students and lecturers.

One of our goals is to support the future teachers in getting to know German and International Schools abroad. Therefore, we created a worldwide network of 25 German and International Schools, where our students get the chance to do internships or school assistances. Within this network, we even connected with two national schools, an American school, the Twin Cities Immersion School in St. Paul (Minnesota), as well as a Danish school, the Marie Kruses Skole in Farum (Copenhagen). Further, we have a cooperation with another school in the US, the German International School Chicago.

In addition, we were able to offer teacher trainings in Singapore, Mexico and the US. The main topics were the implementation of Co-Teaching and language sensitive subject lessons.

Need a helping hand in class? Then welcome to the Frankfurt University Teaching Assistant Programme!

Ig gebaeude

"Here we are - one of the top universities of Germany. Our own department, the Institute of English and American studies is well known for international research and has an excellent reputation for teacher training!"

Read more in the attached file below; What makes us special? How can our students help your school? Will it cost you anything? What do our current partners say about our students, and what do our students say about their experience abroad?

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Haenssig of the ABL, or Ms. Veneziano-Osterrath of the Institute for English and American Studies (IEAS), who both coordinate cooperations with schools abroad.

We are looking forward to a lovely cooperation.

Picture source: Goethe-University Frankfurt

November 2017: Results of the DAAD Conference 'Opportunities and Challenges of Staying Abroad'

Results in Pageflow Format

The opinion of students was central at the DAAD conference on the hurdles and opportunities of study-related mobility abroad, which took place at the 19th and 20th of June 2017 in Essen.

The results are now available in pageflow format through this link (German only).

A conversation between executives of education and students who were abroad, in which Mr. Hänssig took part, can be found in this video (German only).

Source: DAAD Website