Feb 19 2024

Rules of the game in academia

  • In a changeable organizational environment with often diffuse or contradictory requirements, 'hidden agendas' and a micropolitical 'culture of negotiation' thrive. Here implicit values and norms are conveyed - often unconsciously – and reflected in power relations, in strategic actions and thus also in selection processes. On the path to a scientific career, knowledge must be acquired that is not explicitly communicated anywhere and for which there are no sources to be looked up. Exclusion mechanisms are often subliminal. Understanding decision making in the systemic and organizational context and the unwritten rules of micropolitical action can promote one's own strategic competence – also under the aspect of diversity.


  • his event raises awareness of implicit norms and values, micro-political games and 'hidden agendas' in science. The participants are given the opportunity to reflect on their own resources for 'playing along' effectively. 


  • The workshop is practice-oriented and designed to be participatory; In order to get in the mood for the topic, participants are invited to engage in a reflection exercise as part of the initial invitation. The following methods are used: brief introductions to concepts and practical examples; guided reflection and discussion; individual work and small group work (breakout sessions) 

Date: 19th February 2024, 9:00-16:00h, online

Trainer: Dr. Veronika Fuest

Target group: (Junior) group leaders*, tenure track professors*, advanced postdocs*, habilitating and postdoctoral scientists* of all disciplines

Language: English

Bindung registration until 17th December 2023 via registration form to The training is open for all people who identify themselves as women.