Nina Heise, M.A.

  Nina Heise completed a BA in English and Economy at Goethe University Frankfurt and the University of Southampton and an M.A. in Anglophone Literatures, Cultures and Media at Goethe University. Her MA thesis focused on the production of British cultural memory in All the Young Dudes. She also holds an M.Sc. in PR & Integrated Communications from Universität für Weiterbildung Krems and spent 7 years working as a PR consultant for a Frankfurt agency. Nina is interested in adaptations, identity and gender politics as well as memory and nostalgia. She is currently working on her dissertation on the production of identity in contemporary Harry Potter fanfiction. Nina also co-runs the Fanficforum Frankfurt with Patricia Heise which brings together students from different research backgrounds to discuss fanfiction in an academic context.  

Office hours winter term 2023/24:
Mondays 16.00-17.00
IG 4.155