Elective courses

FIRST elective courses

If you wish to join a course, please contact Brigitte Held for more information.

Lipids in Health & Diseases & Lipid Pharmacology

Topics: Endocannabinoids in the vascular system; Leukotrienes and atherosclerosis
Prostanoids and nociceptor sensitisation by lipids
Cannabinoids in nociception and neuroimmune interaction and nerve injury

Crash Course – Basics in Molecular and Clinical Immunology

Topics: innate immunity & adaptive immunity;
Hyperactive immune system: Tolerance and Allergy, Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmunity and Transplantation;
Hypoactive immune system: Immune Deficiencies ;
Tumour, immune therapy and NK cells and stem cell transplantation

From Target to Drug

Topics: History, biology and clinical relevance of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNFα;
the development and use of TNFα blocking agents as anti-inflammatory drugs

Pain Research - from animals to humans

Topics: various forms of pain, pain models and pain pharmacology

Tumour Biology

Topics:  Cancer – growth control and signalling, Stem cells and cancer stem cells,
Tumour immunology, Leukaemia and lymphoma
Genomic integrity and cancer, Multistep tumourigenesis
Cancer treatment

Molecular Virology

Topics:  Structure and replication strategies of viruses, Simple and compley retroviruses
Viruses as gene transfer vehicles and expression systems, Immune reactions to viruses
Vaccinia virus, Hepadna viruses, herpes virus, Virus evolution


Topics:  Peptides, oncolytic viruses, immunization, vector viruses, antibodies, si RNA, RNA and DNA aptoamers, cytokines, coagulation factiors, muteins

Cardiovascular Course

Topics:  regulation of vascular tone, endothelial dysfunction, platelet function, angiogenesisi, atherosclerosis, hypertension

Regenerative Medicine

Topics: stem cells in regenerative medicine, hematopoetic stem cells, reprogrammed stem cells


pharmazentrum frankfurt

The pharmazentrum frankfurt hosts regular guest speaker seminars. 

pharmazentrum seminars


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List of GSH seminars

Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Langen

The PEI offers regular seminars by guest speakers, but also other events.

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