Further studies / career opportunities

What are my opportunities after the Master?

As a graduate of the Master's in Biochemistry, you have good career opportunities and many paths are open to you:

1) Doctoral studies/PhD: over 70% of our graduates go on to complete a 3-4 year doctorate after their Master's degree, in which they specialize further in an individual sub-field of biochemistry. There is a great demand for young people with doctorates in the field of research and development, so that a career in research or management positions, e.g. as part of an academic career, with authorities or in industry, can follow the doctorate. The doctorate can also be followed by a research stay in Germany or abroad as a postdoc.

2) Get a job directly: The interdisciplinary knowledge acquired in the Master's program and the broad knowledge of methods enable our graduates to act as a link between different disciplines. This opens up a wide range of professional fields, including...

  • academic or non-university research and teaching institutions
  • chemical/pharmaceutical/other industries: the fields of activity cover a broad spectrum (e.g. research, development, production, quality control, sales, marketing,...)
  • governmental investigation and supervisory authorities
  • environmental protection
  • publishing
  • Patents (e.g. as a patent attorney)
  • self-employment
  • IT industry (as the course also teaches work with computer-aided methods)

There is a high demand for our graduates both locally and nationwide, especially as the Frankfurt area is one of the most important locations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry nationally. Accordingly, there are lively contacts between university lecturers and non-university research institutions and industry. The demand for biochemists will continue to increase in the coming years, especially as neighboring scientific and medical disciplines are increasingly recruiting specialists with a broad biochemical education. Due to their high degree of flexibility and broad, basic training, biochemists find it relatively easy to familiarize themselves with new fields. Contacts made with potential employers during their studies, e.g. as part of research internships, can be useful for future employment.

On our homepage you will find examples of professional careers of alumni to inspire you.