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IASCL 2008, S8-2

Symposium Session 8-2"Acquiring the semantics and syntax of presuppositions", IASCL 2008, Edinburgh

Date: July 31; 16.30 hrs - 18.30 hrs
Chair: Petra Schulz, University of Frankfurt am Main
Discussant: Ana Pérez-Leroux, University of Toronto
Title: Acquiring the semantics and syntax of presuppositions


Introduction: Acquiring the semantics and syntax of presuppositions
Petra Schulz, Ana Pérez-Leroux

Asserting and presupposing grammatical number
Ana Pérez-Leroux
University of Toronto

Why is it better to treat PL as expressing a presupposition in acquisition?
Christina Schmitt1, Karen Miller2
Michigan State University, 2Calvin College

The role of theory of mind in acquisition of factivity
Petra Schulz1, Carolyn Ludwig2
University of Frankfurt, 2University of Mannheim

Marking Propositions in grammar: How do Children see where they are?
Tom Roeper
University of Massachusetts

Children's acquisition of exhaustivity in clefts
Tanja Heizmann
University of Massachusetts