Theology and Rationality

Internationaler Workshop

The workshop was launched as part of a larger project of the same title, carried out by the Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion at Goethe University Frankfurt. Promoting and strengthening the Strategic Partnership-Programme between (and supported by) both institutions, an initial workshop was held at Toronto University in October 2012, followed by a second one at Goethe University in October 2013. Meanwhile the 8th workshop titled „Theology and Rationality VIII: A Fall to or From Rationality? Gen 3 in the Context of Judaism, Christianity and Islam“ was held at Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Bad Homburg in 2020. Due to the pandemic a pause was taken in 2021, but thanks to a successful application for a DFG-grant (International Networking-Programme) the financing of three subsequent workshops between 2022 and 2024 is secured: they will tackle the issue of religious emotions in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, both from a conceptual, epistemic and ethical perspective.

Current members of the workshop include: Rahim Acar (Istanbul); Adam Afterman (Tel Aviv); Yael Almog (Durham); Yiftach Fehige (Toronto); Menachem Fisch (Tel Aviv); Jean-Pierre Fortin (Toronto); Johannes Grössl (Innsbruck); Gesche Linde (Rostock), Jing-Jong Luh (Taipeh); Bradley McLean (Toronto), Heiko Schulz (Frankfurt); Georges Tamer (Erlangen); Thomas Wagner (Wuppertal); Claudia Welz (Aarhus); Christian Wiese (Frankfurt).