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ENMY: European Network | Media for the Young

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First virtual meeting: September 2nd and 3rd 2021

Research on children’s and young adult literature and media is a rather small research field on a national and also international level. Despite this fact, cooperating internationally within this research field is hardly established, especially among postdoctoral scholars. This seems rather paradoxical taking into account that media for young people are and have always been part of media transfer between countries. Texts by Astrid Lindgren or Michael Ende are classics within all of Europe.

Our goal is to establish a network of scholars working on media for young people among European universities. How can we work more together and know more about each other’s work in the future?

Aside from this central idea of forming the basis of a European rather than a national research field, our first meeting aims to identify theory-based research desiderata; research questions that have either not been thought of or have not been sufficiently answered within the study of media for young people. This might include questions of

  • canonization
  • translation
  • historical texts
  • digital humanities-approaches
  • transmedia
  • authorship
  • cognitive science and so forth

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The ENMY project is financed by the Frankfurt Humanities Research Center.