Joining the Glaubitz Lab

We are always looking for highly motivated co-workers interested in membrane protein biophysics/biochemistry and solid-state NMR. Entering these projects is possible at all levels from internship to PhD or postdoc. An academic background in biochemistry/biophysics/chemistry is required.  We offer an excellent research environment including a 850 MHz widebore instruments and a 263 GHz solid-state DNP setup, computing and biochemical facilities. Help with fellowship applications is provided.

New PhD Positions (27.6.2022)

  • PhD positions are now available in the context of the newly founded SFB 1507 (collaborative research center).
  • The projects focus on lipid maintanance and transport between inner and outer membranes of Gram negative bacteria.
  • The work involves molecular biology, biochemistry and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
  • Candidates should idealy have a degree in biochemistry or related subjects, should have acquiered some wet lab experience and should have a strong interest in biophysics, structural biology and NMR spectroscopy.
  • Please get in touch for further information:

New Job Opening for Postdoc (1.2.2022): The positions has been filled.

  • Study of bacterial outer membrane architecture
  • Nucleotide-lipid interactions
  • Collaborative project
  • Background in biochemistry needed, interest in biophysical methods
  • Contact:

Job openng for the student support scietists (HiWi)

  • Job opportunities exist. Please get in touch directly with Clemens Glaubitz.

BSc Projects for Biochemistry Students 2022

  • Projects have been allocated but please get direcly in touch with Clemens Glaubitz if you are considering joining the group for a BSc thesis.

MSc Projects for Biochemistry/Biophysics/Chemistry Students 2022

  • Open MSc Project for biochemistry/chemistry/biophysics students: DNP-NMR Spectroscopy on a membrane protein complex (method development project, combines solid-state NMR with specific sample preparation methods)
  • Open MSc Project for biochemistry/chemistry/biophysics students: Interactions of small molecules with bacterial organelles
  • Other projects might be available as well.

PhD Positions: Job opening from 2022

- New openings expected in Spring.

We offer exciting research and a state-of-the-art research infrastructure including high field solid-state NMR (850 and 600 MHz) and two DNP spectrometers.   The lab is part of the Frankfurt Centre for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance (BMRZ), the research network SFB 807 “Transport across membranes “ and the Cluster of Excellence “Macromolecular Complexes”. It takes part in various European research and infrastructure initiatives. The lab is located at the new Riedberg Campus of the Goethe University, which is a recognised hotspot for membrane protein research, structural biology and magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

There are no postdoctoral vacancies at the moment but untersted candidates are welcome to contact us and discuss fellowship application options.

Enquiries and applications shall be addressed to Clemens Glaubitz (  Formal applications should include a CV, a summary of the Diploma/Master thesis, copies of degree certificates and names of two scientists who could provide letters of support.


Prof. Dr. Clemens Glaubitz
Membranbiophysik & Festkörper-NMR
Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie
Goethe Universität
Max-von-Laue-Str. 9
60438 Frankfurt/M.

0049-69-798-29927 (TEL)
0049-69-798-29929 (FAX)