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MR Methods: Development and Evaluation

Ulrich Pilatus, Seyma Alcicek, Dennis Chittisery and Andrei Manzhurtsev together with members of the Core Structure of the BIC

Topics of MR Research in Neuroradiology

Translational Oncology

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) is an MR-based technology that allows non-invasive examination of biochemical changes in tumors. It provides in vivo metabolic information that is not accessible by any other means using currently available experimental methods.



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Neuro Inflammation

The neuroinflammation research focus is dedicated to the study of quantitative MR imaging techniques focusing on the detection of microstructural and metabolic changes in the brain of patients with neuroinflammatory disorders including the spectrum of autoimmune (e.g. multiple sclerosis), infectious (e.g. COVID-19) and psychiatric (e.g. schizophrenia) diseases.


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are two terms with an increasing presence in medical research. Over time, medical imaging data has accumulated on a massive scale.